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December 11, 2020 | TruckerTools

Truckers Tools’ Best Markets for Truckers: Dec. 11, 2020, Edition

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In today’s Trucker Tools Market Index Report, you’ll find out which cities and regions will be hot or cold over the next five to seven day period. Our Market Index Report uses real-time load and transaction data from Trucker Tools’ broker software platforms, free carrier platform and driver app to predict where demand for trucks will highest in the coming days. Border cities, ports and regions with large food manufacturers continue to drive rates higher in locations across the country. 

Hot Market Highlights

  • Trucker Tools’ Market Index shows that Minot, N.D.; Texarkana, Texas; Jonesboro, Ark., South Bend, Ind.; and Gary, Ind., will be hot markets for flatbed over the next five to seven days. 
  • Expect reefer demand/rates to be strong over the next week in Tucson, Ariz.; Yakima, Wa.; Savannah, Ga.; Flagstaff, Ariz.; and Grand Junction, Colo.

Cooling Markets

  • Demand and rates for flatbed will be cooling over the next week for Yakima, Wa., and Des Moines, Iowa.
  • The demand for reefer capacity is cooling in Hartford, Conn.; Las Vegas; Reno, Nev.; and Winnipeg, Man. (Canada).
  • Other markets that will be cooling off in the next five to seven days include Rochester, N.Y.; Indianapolis, Ind.; Allentown, Pa.; and Norfolk, Va.

Understanding Trucker Tools’ Market Insights

  • Yakima, Wa., is the second largest agriculture production area in the nation and is the home base for Smuckers, Del-Monte and AB Foods/Washington Beef, which is likely what’s behind the high demand for reefer capacity in the region. 
  • Hytrol, based in Jonesboro, Ark., is a manufacturer of conveyors that are used in food and beverage factories, parcel sorting, warehouses and distribution centers, which may be driving the sustained demand for flatbed trucks in the area.
  • After port closures earlier this year, volumes for many East Coast ports have increased in recent months, including containers coming into the port of Savannah, Ga., reflected in the high demand for reefer in the area, which is likely due to frozen poultry and other perishables arriving from Central America.

SONAR Insights

Trucker Tools is partnering with FreightWaves SONAR to provide you with additional insights into hot and cold markets around the country. SONAR is reporting today that the national outbound tender rejection rate remains high at approximately 26 percent. Freight volumes are shifting to the East Coast somewhat as freight moves across the country to more densely populated areas. Atlanta has been a hot spot for freight volume for the last month and remains so. Other hot spots include Joliet, Ill., Harrisburg, Pa., and Elizabeth, N.J. 

Hot SONAR Lanes

Today SONAR is reporting that if you usually run Los Angeles to Dallas, you may want to target local loads in the L.A. market or target smaller market destinations in the Midwest instead, since capacity is loosening in Dallas. Outbound tender volumes are up by a whopping 70 percent week over week for Joplin, Mo., which makes it a great market in the coming days for owner operators and carriers. SONAR also is reporting that spot market rates are high for the Greensboro, S.C., to Allentown, Pa., lane.

Trucker Tools’ Market Index Reports are published every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. For more on our new Market Index, read our last Market Index Report, Truckers Tools’ Hot/Cold Markets for Carriers: Dec. 9, 2020.

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