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May 12, 2021 | TruckerTools

Where’s the Freight? Allentown, Flagstaff, Chicago, Jonesboro and Jacksonville Expected To Be Top Markets for Truckers and Carriers This Week

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The U.S. transportation sector has hit its proverbial ceiling, according to a report released by FreightWaves over the weekend. That indicates that there likely will be no end in sight to high demand for trucks for at least the next year

As you look ahead to the coming week, it’s important to know which markets are likely to be the most and least profitable for you. In this Monday edition of Trucker Tools’ “Where’s the Freight?,” you’ll notice a lot of movement in our hottest and coldest markets lists. For the first time in many months, the Texarkana, Texas, flatbed market falls out of our top five hottest markets list. For the second week in a row, Flagstaff, Ariz., is projected to be the top reefer market in North America and two Midwestern markets crack our top five for the first time. Also noteworthy is that today’s coldest markets list is dominated by flatbed markets, which is a change from previous weeks.

For more insights on hot and cold markets, scroll down to read the rest of today’s “Where’s the Freight?.”

Hot Markets To Target This Week

  • Allentown, Pa., is projected to be the highest demand flatbed market this week. Look for demand for flatbed capacity to increase in the coming week in and out of Portland, Ore., and St. Louis.
  • Flagstaff, Ariz., will be the hottest reefer market in North America over the next five to seven days. Reefer demand to/from Tucson, Ariz., and Grand Junction, Colo., is expected to rise this week.
  • Demand for power only capacity will be high over the next week for Chicago and Jacksonville, Fla. The Denver power only market will see an increase in demand this week, as well.
  • Jonesboro, Ark., is projected to be the most profitable dry van market this week.  

Cold Markets To Avoid This Week

  • You may want to avoid flatbed loads to/from Brooklyn, N.Y., Dubuque, Iowa, Decatur, Ala., Fort Smith, Ark., and St. Cloud, Minn., over the next week, as demand/rates for flatbed in these markets is expected to be extremely low.
  • Nashville, Tenn., is expected to be the least profitable power only market for truckers and carriers in North America over the next five to seven days.

Trucker Tools’ Market Insights

  • According to the very latest Trucker Tools’ data, the five best markets for truckers and carriers this week will be: 1. Allentown, Pa. (flatbed), 2. Flagstaff, Ariz. (reefer), 3. Chicago (power only), 4. Jonesboro, Ark. (dry van), and 5. Jacksonville, Fla. (power only).
  • The five worst markets for truckers and carriers over the next five to seven days will be: 1. Brooklyn, N.Y. (flatbed), 2. Dubuque, Iowa (flatbed), 3. Decatur, Ala. (flatbed), 4. Fort Smith, Ark. (flatbed), and 5. St. Cloud, Minn. (flatbed).
  • For the first time in several months, the Texarkana, Texas, flatbed market has fallen out of the top five hottest markets list. 
  • Allentown, Pa., whose flatbed market is projected to be the best market for trucker and carriers in the coming week, is home to more than 700 manufacturers, including Mack Trucks, Bosch Rexroth and Structural Metal Fabricators, Inc.
  • The Flagstaff, Ariz., reefer market favors truckers/carriers by a ratio of more than two to one for both inbound and outbound loads.
  • Flagstaff, Ariz., is a major logistics and distribution hub for fresh produce coming across the border at Nogales and from California.

Check out the previous edition of Trucker Tools’ free market report for truckers, Where’s the Freight? High Demand for Trucks to/from Flagstaff, Texarkana, Rapid City and Allentown.

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