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July 9, 2021 | TruckerTools

Where’s the Freight? Cheyenne, Stockton, Decatur, Fort Wayne and Texarkana Top Markets for Truckers in the Next Week

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Friday is here! And so is your end-of-week edition of “Where’s the Freight?,” a free market report from Trucker Tools that tells you where demand for capacity will be highest and lowest over the next five to seven day period. In today’s Top Five Hottest Markets list, you’ll notice that the Stockton, Calif., power only market snags the number two spot. This is a notable development. Why? Stockton, Calif., has been a low demand market for several months due to Los Angeles and Long Beach, Calif., port congestion. Also of note in today’s edition of “Where’s the Freight?,” two southern markets (that aren’t in Arizona) are projected to be the highest demand reefer destinations in the coming week. 

Scroll down to find out where else demand for capacity will be high, low, rising and falling over the next five to seven days!

Best Markets for Owner Operators and Carriers

  • The Cheyenne, Wyo., flatbed market will be the highest-demand market in the country over the next week. 
  • Demand for reefer capacity to/from Decatur, Ala., and Texarkana, Texas, is projected to be high this week. You can expect demand for reefer capacity to increase this week for Dodge City, Kan., Tucson, Ariz., and Corpus Christi, Texas.
  • Stockton, Calif., and Fort Wayne, Ind., will be the highest-demand power only markets for truckers/carriers in the next five to seven days. 
  • You also can expect demand/rates for dry van to increase this week to/from Central Ontario.

Worst Markets for Owner Operators and Carriers

  • Demand for flatbed capacity to/from Edmonton, Alberta, and Springfield, Mass., will be low this week. Demand for flatbed is expected to decrease this week inbound to and outbound from Flagstaff, Ariz.
  • You may want to avoid taking reefer loads into Hartford, Conn., and Billings, Mont., as they are projected to be the lowest demand/rate reefer markets in the country in the coming week. Demand for reefer capacity for El Paso, Texas, is projected to decrease over the next five to seven days.
  • Columbus, Ohio, will be the worst power only market in North America this week.

Trucker Tools’ Market Insights

  • Today’s Trucker Tools data projects that these will be the five most profitable destinations for truckers and carriers in the coming week: 1. Cheyenne, Wyo. (flatbed), 2. Stockton, Calif. (power only), 3. Decatur, Ala. (reefer), 4. Fort Wayne, Ind. (power only),, and 5. Texarkana, Texas (reefer).
  • The five least profitable destinations for truckers and carriers in the coming week: 1. Hartford, Conn. (reefer), 2. Edmonton, Alberta (flatbed), 3. Flagstaff, Ariz. (reefer), 4. Billings, Mont. (reefer), and 5. Springfield, Mass. (flatbed).
  • Demand for flatbed capacity for Cheyenne, Wyo., is projected to be three times higher this week than it was in 2020.
  • Top industries in Cheyenne, Wyo., include mining, quarrying, and oil and gas extraction, as well as agriculture and forestry.
  • According to today’s Daily Market Update from FreightWaves, national outbound tender volumes are up, while national outbound tender rejections are down slightly.
  • Demand for power only capacity this week to and from Stockton, Calif., is projected to be 10 times higher than it was in 2020.

Read Wednesday’s Where’s the Freight? Fort Wayne, Cheyenne, Jonesboro, Columbus and Tucson Hottest Markets for Truckers and Carriers.

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