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June 4, 2021 | TruckerTools

Where’s the Freight? Expect High Demand for Capacity for St. Louis, Dallas, New Brunswick, Jefferson City and Cleveland This Week

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It’s Friday! That means a brand new edition of Trucker Tools’ “Where’s the Freight?,” your place for finding out where demand for capacity will be high and low over the next five to seven days.  

According to FTR, the total number of truck loads in the U.S. is projected to be up eight percent this year as a whole, with dry van leading the way with 10 percent growth. You’ll see the high demand for dry van reflected in today’s Top Five Hottest Markets list, which is comprised entirely of dry van markets. Much of this demand is being driven by consumers, who for the last year have been furiously buying goods to use at home, ranging from home exercise equipment and TVs to home improvement supplies and outdoor recreation equipment. You’ll also notice in today’s “Where’s the Freight?” that Miami has dropped out of the number one hottest market spot and out of our top five list altogether. 

Read on to find out where demand for capacity will be high, low, increasing and decreasing over the coming week in this Friday edition of Trucker Tools’ “Where’s the Freight?”

Hottest Markets

  • Demand for flatbed to and from San Antonio is expected to increase this week.
  • St. Louis, Dallas, New Brunswick, N.J., Jefferson City, Mo., and Cleveland will be the highest-demand dry van markets over the next five to seven day period. Demand for dry van is projected to increase slightly in the coming week for Columbus, Ohio, Brooklyn, N.Y., and Chicago.

Coldest Markets

  • San Antonio’s reefer market is expected to be the least profitable market for truckers and carriers this week. 
  • Demand and rates for dry van to/from Detroit, Atlanta, San Francisco and Charleston, S.C., are projected to be extremely low over the next week. Look for demand for dry van capacity running to/from Atlanta to decline further in the coming week. 

Trucker Tools’ Market Insights

  • Today’s Trucker Tools data shows that the five most profitable markets for truckers and carriers this week likely will be: 1. St. Louis (dry van), 2. Dallas (dry van), 3. New Brunswick, N.J. (dry van), 4. Jefferson City, Mo. (dry van), and 5. Cleveland (dry van).
  • The five least profitable markets for truckers and carriers likely will be: 1. San Antonio (reefer), 2. Detroit (dry van), 3. Atlanta (van), 4. San Francisco (dry van), and 5. Charleston, S.C. (dry van). 
  • St. Louis’ 6,000-acre Port District along the Mississippi River is the second-largest inland port system in the United States.
  • Distribution centers for Wal-Mart, Dollar General, General Mills, Toys R Us, Kraft Foods and Orgill are located in St. Louis, as well. 
  • Demand for dry van running to/from Jefferson City, Mo., currently is twice as high as it was at this time in 2020.
  • Dallas-Fort Worth is the fifth largest metro area in the United States and the country’s top warehouse and distribution development market with more than 26 million square feet under construction. 
  • According to FreightWaves’ Daily Market Update, national outbound tender rejections and national outbound tender volumes, which measure demand, are up today.

Check out the Wednesday edition of Trucker Tools’ free market report, Where’s the Freight? Miami, St. Louis, New Brunswick, Jefferson City and Brooklyn Top Markets for Truckers and Carriers in Coming Week. To download the Trucker Tools app, visit

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