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April 28, 2021 | TruckerTools

Where’s the Freight? Expecting Increased Demand for Trucks This Week for Yakima, Tucson, Fresno, Medford and Dodge City

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According to a recent report from FreightWaves, the current shortage of container capacity, as well as port congestion and delays, will continue to have a major impact on supply chains for the foreseeable future. Most manufactured goods such as medicines, clothing and processed foods are shipped via container. In fact, a whopping 80 percent of consumable goods are shipped via containers. Container availability impacts maritime shipping rates, which in turn affect truckload demand and rates — which is why the container shortage is something for you as a trucker/carrier to monitor in the coming weeks and months.

In today’s edition of Trucker Tools’ market report, “Where’s the Freight?,” you’ll see that demand for flatbed and reefer capacity remains elevated, with all of our five hottest markets projected to be reefer or flatbed markets. Once again, the Texarkana, Texas, flatbed market will be the market with the highest demand for truck capacity in the coming week. The Tucson, Ariz., reefer market will remain hot, as well, while demand and rates for power only capacity are expected to rise slightly this week in and out of Fresno, Calif. 

Scroll down to find out what other areas will be the most and least profitable for you over the next five to seven days!

Best Markets for Truckers and Carriers

  • Texarkana, Texas, Southwestern Ontario and Rapid City, S.D., are projected to be the hottest flatbed markets for truckers and carriers over the course of the coming week. 
  • Tucson, Ariz., and Yakima, Wash., will be the best reefer markets in the country this week for truckers/carriers. Look for demand for reefer capacity to rise for Medford, Ore., and Dodge City, Kan.
  • You also can expect demand for power only capacity in and out of Fresno, Calif., to increase over the next five to seven days.

Worst Markets for Truckers and Carriers

  • Demand for flatbed is likely to decrease this week in and out of Fort Smith, Ark.
  • On the reefer side, demand will be extremely low this week inbound to and outbound from Minot, N.D., and Hartford, Conn. 
  • You can expect demand and likely rates for power only capacity to decrease in the coming week for New Orleans, Jackson, Miss., and Fort Worth, Texas.
  • Ottawa, Ontario, Dodge City, Kan., and Huntington, W. Va., will be the least profitable dry van markets for truckers/carriers this week.

Trucker Tools’ Market Insights

  • Based on todays’ Trucker Tools data, these will be the five markets with the highest demand for truck capacity over the next five to seven days: 1. Texarkana, Texas (flatbed), 2. Southwestern Ontario (flatbed), 3. Tucson, Ariz. (reefer), 4. Rapid City, S.D. (flatbed), and 5. Yakima, Wash. (reefer).
  • The five markets with the lowest demand for trucks over the next five to seven day period will be: 1. Ottawa, Ontario (dry van), 2. Dodge City, Kan. (dry van), 3. Minot, N.D. (reefer), 4. Huntington, W. Va. (dry van), and 5. Hartford, Conn. (reefer).
  • Yakima, Wash., where demand for reefer capacity is projected to rise this week, is home to several food processing companies, including Hopsteiner, a leading supplier of hops to breweries across the United States.
  • Washington’s Yakima County is only a few hours from Seattle, Portland and Spokane, making it a key warehouse and distribution point for regional and national manufacturers and distributors.
  • The Texarkana, Texas, flatbed market remains red hot, as demand for flatbed currently is nine times higher than it was at this time last year.

Check out our previous edition of our three times/week free market report Where’s the Freight? Target Texarkana Flatbed, Tucson Reefer, Southwestern Ontario Flatbed, Charleston Flatbed and Rapid City Flatbed Loads This Week. To download the Trucker Tools mobile app for drivers, visit


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