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June 1, 2021 | TruckerTools

Where’s the Freight? Miami, St. Louis, San Diego, San Antonio and Columbus Best Markets for Truckers/Carriers This Week

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Welcome to this Tuesday edition of “Where’s the Freight?,” a free market report from Trucker Tools that tells you where demand for specific types of truck capacity will be highest and lowest over the next five to seven days. With this information, you can make better business decision on loads, avoiding loads where backhauls are projected to be low-paying and prioritizing markets where demand will be high.

In today’s “Where’s the Freight?,” dry van continues to dominate, claiming nine out of ten markets in our Top Five Hottest Markets and Rising Markets lists. Also of note: there are no flatbed or power only markets in today’s Top Five Hottest Markets and Rising Markets lists. Meanwhile, Houston is projected to be the best reefer market for truckers and carrier this week, while Houston’s flatbed market is expected to be one of the least profitable. 

For more market insights, scroll down to read the rest of this Tuesday edition of “Where’s the Freight?”

Where There Will Be High Demand for Trucks 

  • You can expect high demand for reefer to and from Houston this week.
  • Miami, St. Louis, San Diego, San Antonio, and Columbus, Ohio, will be the most profitable dry van markets for truckers and carriers in the coming week. Demand for dry van is projected to increase this week to/from Washington D.C., Portland, Ore., Houston, and Columbus, Ohio.

Where There Will Be Low Demand for Trucks 

  • Demand for flatbed will be extremely low in the coming week for Houston and Milwaukee. Flatbed demand is likely to decrease this week inbound to and outbound from San Antonio.
  • To maximize your earnings, you may want to avoid dry van loads to and from Knoxville, Tenn., Atlanta, and Harrisburg, Pa., over the next five to seven days, as demand/rates for dry van are projected to be extremely low in these areas. Look for demand for van capacity to decrease this week to/from Baltimore and Dallas.

Trucker Tools’ Market Insights

  • Today’s Trucker Tools’ data shows that these will be the top five hottest markets for truckers and carriers this week: 1. Miami (dry van), 2. St. Louis (dry van), 3. San Diego (dry van), 4. San Antonio (dry van), and 5. Columbus, Ohio (dry van).
  • The bottom five coldest markets for truckers and carriers will be: 1. Knoxville, Tenn. (dry van), 2. Atlanta (dry van), 3. Houston (flatbed), 4. Milwaukee (flatbed), and 5. Harrisburg, Pa. (dry van). 
  • Three of the five markets in our to Top Five Hottest Markets — Miami, St. Louis and San Diego — are port cities, which are dealing with a backlog of container ships.  
  • Demand for dry van to/from Miami currently is 10 times higher than it was at this time in 2020.
  • Houston, which is projected to be the highest-demand reefer market this week, is home to the largest container port on the Gulf Coast. 
  • The Port of Houston also is the 10th largest port in the world and the second busiest U.S. port. It has ranked as the top U.S. port for foreign tonnage for several consecutive years. 
  • Columbus, Ohio, in today’s Rising Markets list, is a major U.S. distribution point that can reach nearly half of the country’s population within a day’s drive.
  • Manufacturing and distribution facilities for Amazon, Walmart, FedEx, Honda, Boeing, Whirlpool and Scotts Miracle-Gro are located in the greater Columbus, Ohio, area.

Check out Friday’s Where’s the Freight? Miami, San Antonio, Columbus and Brooklyn Dry Van Markets, Portland Reefer Market Expected To Be Most Profitable for Truckers, Carriers in Coming Week for more insights into hot and cold markets. To download the Trucker Tools app, visit


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