December 12, 2022 | TruckerTools

Achieve 93 Percent Tracking Success with Trucker Tools’ Real-Time Freight Tracking

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In our personal lives, real-time freight tracking is something that we rely upon virtually every day. Whether it’s that once-a-month order to stock up on household essentials or an anxiously awaited gift arriving in the mail, we expect to be able to track our orders in real-time and know exactly when they’ll arrive. Until relatively recently, providing that same level of freight visibility to shippers, distributors and retailers has proven difficult. The supply chain’s fragmented infrastructure has historically made it hard to provide real-time freight visibility shippers. 

At Trucker Tools, we’ve found that the best approach for successful tracking freight is to offer drivers and carriers multiple technology options. It’s why we’ve integrated our real-time load tracking software with close to 100 ELDs. We’ve also found that drivers are more likely to use and keep an app on their phones if it does more than just track broker loads, which is why we’ve included more than 20 tools and features in the Trucker Tools driver app.

Trucker Tools’ Driver App: The Industry’s Most Downloaded App

Trucker Tools’ free driver app provides drivers with more than 20 tools and features that help them save time and money on the road. Our app is the industry’s most popular month after month. Nearly 2.5 million drivers and 250,000 carriers use our technology. They use the app to find the cheapest fuel, book broker loads, find and book parking, and much more. The driver app also notably includes a load tracking tool that works with your transportation management system and that integrates with most shipper visibility software platforms, including Project44, MacroPoint and FourKites. 

Brokerages and 3PLs that implement our best practices, real-time freight tracking software and driver app are able to gain visibility of most of the freight they broker. With Trucker Tools’ real-time load tracking platform, freight broker Surge Transportation has achieved an average visibility rate of more than 90 percent. That translates into start to finish digital visibility on 90 percent or more of its brokered loads. Other companies like Candor Expedite are able to provide 99 percent on-time deliveries to their customers thanks to Trucker Tools’ driver-friend visibility technology. 

Nearly 100 ELD Integration Partnerships

Over the last two years, we’ve been hard at work expanding our ELD integration partnership network. Today, Trucker Tools’ real-time freight tracking software integrates with nearly 100 of the most popular ELDs used by truckers. Several of these integrations — including those with Samsara, Motive and Verizon Connect ELDs — can be initiated by the driver with a single click. We’ve made the effort to grow our ELD integration partner list because we know ELD integration can drive higher visibility rates for brokers like you. It also gives you multiple technology options to offer carriers and their drivers around load tracking.

ELD + App Based Tracking = Greater Freight Visibility

In recent months, several brokers who use our real-time load tracking platform and offer both ELD-based and app-based load tracking have been able to increase their freight visibility considerably. Trucker Tools’ CEO Kary Jablonski shared in a recent webinar that brokers on our real-time visibility software platform who use a combination of ELD and app based load tracking are able to achieve on average a 93 percent tracking success rate. In other words, 93 percent of the loads they track have to start to finish visibility. In an industry where average tracking success rates hover around 50 or 60 percent and shipper visibility KPI expectations continue to climb, an average tracking success rate of 90 percent or higher can certainly make you stand out to current and prospective customers.

For more from our recent webinar on ELD load tracking, read “How Driver ELD Load Tracking Drives Greater Freight Visibility.” 

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