February 24, 2023 | TruckerTools

Banyan Technology + Trucker Tools Integration

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Banyan integration

In a recent webinar, Trucker Tools’ Chief Revenue Officer Kyler Ford was joined by Banyan Technology’s Chief Revenue Officer Alan Minton for an in-depth discussion of how the Trucker Tools-Banyan Technology integration provides cost savings, efficiency gains and expanded carrier capacity to brokers like you. Trucker Tools’ Project Manager Max Leach and Banyan Technology’s Senior Solutions Engineer Steve Leggett, Jr. joined the webinar to demonstrate how to build and book a load using the Trucker Tools-Banyan Technology integration. 

Don’t miss these highlights from the webinar!

About Banyan Technology

“There are two ways people use Banyan,” Minton explained. “We have a transportation management system, which is really the thing that most people use. We have a full blown TMS (Live Connect) that allows you to go ahead and manage all of your transportation through our user interface. A lot of people, though, that have been with us for a while would view us as a connectivity platform that lets them connect to their warehouse or inventory management systems or maybe even their own ERP.” 

Minton outlined how using LIVE Connect can provide multiple benefits to freight brokerage and 3PL businesses. New Live Connect users typically realize a 15 percent cost savings on annual freight spend. Live Connect also offers 30 standard reports and build your own reports to help you better understand your operations, as well as robust onboarding and support. 

Integration Between Trucker Tools’ Capacity Platform and Banyan’s LIVE Connect

“There’s really three components on Trucker Tools’ end of the integration and as Alan will allude to, the two-way communication between Trucker Tools and Banyan is really important,” Ford shared. “All of this information that we’re gathering on both sides is sent back and forth in real-time. Real-time in our industry didn’t used to mean literally mean real-time, but it actually does now. As these loads are being tracked through Trucker Tools’ visibility platform, all that information is being sent back to Banyan. The same is true with digital freight matching and Book It Now® when a load is booked. Once it’s booked in Trucker Tools, it’s automatically taken care of on the Banyan side.”

Ford noted that the real-time aspect of Trucker Tools’ digital freight matching is what makes it different from other load boards in the industry where you might see the same load posted multiple times. Minton shared that one of the best things about the integration is that it puts all of the tools that those working in freight brokerage and logistics need in one place. He also views Trucker Tools’ digitization of carrier communications and detailed real-time tracking data as major benefits of the integration. 

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