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Bridge the Data Gap With Trucker Tools

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Bridge the Data Gap

In an industry where time and efficiency are everything, data silos abound and to the logistics industry’s detriment. When the software platforms that you use in your 3PL or freight brokerage operations don’t share information, you miss opportunities to increase internal efficiency, reduce costs, gain valuable business intelligence and raise your service levels. Instead, consider using freight matching, booking and tracking technology that can be integrated with other platforms to promote faster decision making, a better customer experience, and a streamlined technology experience for your shippers and carriers.

Digital Truckload Capacity Data at Your Fingertips

As Lachelle Buchanan of Logility notes in a recent report from Inbound Logistics, “The biggest silo is between planning, procurement and sourcing. Primarily driven by a lack of data transparency and integration, this is exacerbated by insufficient resources and unclear business processes.” 

Software like Trucker Tools’ freight matching platform aggregate and digitize truck availability data to make it easily searchable, reducing the time and resources required to locate and secure capacity. Smart Capacity connects your company digitally with the nearly 2.5 million drivers and 315,000 carriers using Trucker Tools’ carrier and driver tech to digitize capacity sourcing and facilitate faster communications.

Share Tracking Data with Shippers

Shippers of today rely on real-time freight tracking data to help them provide high levels of service to their own customers and distributors. Many of your customers also may want real-time visibility data to better understand their own operations and identify opportunities to increase efficiency in their processes. With real-time tracking software platforms like Trucker Tools’, you can instantly and automatically share visibility data with your customers in real-time. Trucker Tools’ load tracking software integrates with shipper visibility platforms MacroPoint, FourKites and Project44. 

Chicago-based Surge Transportation is using this integration capability and visibility data-sharing to streamline workflows for employees and elevate shipper service levels.

“My team has benefited the most from being able to have all of our different customers and their platforms and requirements in one place,” reports Omar Singh, C.E.O. of Surge Transportation. “It’s seamless for us, so that’s helped us continue to provide excellent service to our customers and also essentially is keeping our personnel levels manageable because it’s so efficient to use.”

TMS Integration

In addition to aggregating capacity data and real-time visibility data sharing with shippers, Trucker Tools’ platform also integrates with nearly 50 of the industry’s most popular TMS platforms and more than 60 proprietary TMSs. When team members can view capacity, tracking and booking data directly in your company’s TMS, they can be more efficient in their daily work because they don’t have to open a separate platform to track a load or book truck capacity. TMS integration ultimately benefits your shippers because your team can source capacity, track loads and communicate with carriers faster.

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