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Best Blogs of the Month: February 2021

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In Trucker Tools’ February blogs, we offered you tips on how to grow your business in 2021 and guidance on choosing the right technology for your company. Our February blogs featured an interview with Tamara Brock, owner of new 3PL Brock Logistics, about what it’s been like transitioning from being an OTR trucker to founder of a 3PL. We also interviewed Omar Singh, CEO and founder of Surge Transportation, to find out how the company is using Trucker Tools’ digital freight tracking to attract new shippers and simplify load tracking for carriers. Check out these and the rest of the top posts from the Trucker Tools blog from the month of February.

How To Pick Technology That Drives Carrier Stickiness

If you want to build a solid capacity network, you have to consider how technology impacts drivers and carriers — plain and simple. In this blog post, you’ll find out why you should think about carrier experience when choosing tech to use in your operations. Included in the post are five questions you should be asking any technology solutions provider, especially if your goal is to build long-term relationships with carriers.  

Celebrating Diversity: Tamara Brock, Freight Broker and Logistics Entrepreneur

In February, we celebrated Black History Month by highlighting Black voices from across the transportation industry, including that of Tamara Brock. Brock is a former OTR trucker turned broker and third party logistics provider who recently spoke to Trucker Tools about the launch of her new 3PL. In our interview with Brock, she shares information on some of the resources and strategies she’s using to build her business. This is a blog you don’t want to miss!

How Ryder Is Leveraging the Trucker Tools Driver App To Reduce App Fatigue, Improve Loyalty and Deepen Capacity Choices

Dave Belter, VP and GM of Global Transportation Management Solutions for Ryder, recently joined Trucker Tools’ CEO/ founder Prasad Gollapalli for the webinar “Inside Scoop: How Ryder Differentiated Their Brokerage With Trucker Tools.” During the webinar, Belter shared how Ryder is using Trucker Tools’ tech to grow its carrier portfolio, streamline technology for carriers and reduce driver app fatigue. Read this blog to learn why Belter views Trucker Tools as the perfect partner for future growth.

Surge Transportation Simplifies Load Tracking for Employees and Carriers, Achieves 90+ Percent Visibility Compliance with Trucker Tools’ Freight Tracking

Freight broker Surge Transportation is using Trucker Tools’ app-based freight tracking to consistently surpass shippers’ visibility KPIs, which is helping the company retain current customers and attract new ones. In the last two quarters of 2020, the company achieved start to finish visibility on 90 percent or more of its tracked loads with Trucker Tools. At the same time, the company has simplified workflows for employees, reduced check calls and gained greater operational efficiency with Trucker Tools’ technology. 

How Technology Can Save Your Business

There’s no denying that 2020 was a roller coaster, particularly for the transportation industry. One of the lessons learned from the pandemic and its disruptions of supply chains is that technology makes it easier for brokers and 3PLs to navigate ongoing market volatility. In this blog, you’ll learn why now is the time to embrace the use of real-time technologies like Trucker Tools’ in your operations, whether you’re a large 3PL/broker or a transportation start-up. 

How To Grow Your Broker Business in 2021

A recent webinar entitled “Comprehensive Insights To Scale Your Brokerage in 2021: What Brokers Should Focus on in Q1” featured Doug Clark, an advisor at the Transportation Intermediaries Association with 30 years of experience in the transportation industry. In the discussion with Trucker Tools’ CEO and founder Prasad Gollapalli, Clark emphasized how unpredictability in capacity demand and availability is changing how brokers and 3PLs do business — and how new technology-based SOPs are needed to navigate this new normal. 

Looking for more timely tips, new partnership announcements and interviews with industry thought leaders? Read Best Blogs of the Month for Brokers: January 2021. Schedule a free demo of Trucker Tools’ real-time load tracking platform, digital load matching and Book-It-Now®.

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