February 22, 2021 | TruckerTools

How To Pick Technology That Drives Carrier Stickiness

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If you’re thinking of implementing new technology in your brokerage or logistics business, you’re certainly not alone. The market unpredictability caused by the COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted how important it is for you to use technology to your advantage in your operations. Well-designed technology gives you the ability to react faster to fluctuating demand and provide better service to shippers. It also helps you increase productivity, raise efficiency and make better use of your human resources. The right technology can help you build stronger relationships with carriers and drivers, as well, which is particularly important right now as we face a driver shortage and a capacity crunch in many markets. 

Here are five questions you should be asking any technology solutions provider if you want to increase “stickiness” with carriers and owner operators.

Does the Tech Save Drivers and Carriers Time?

Just like you, truckers and trucking companies value efficiency. If they can perform basic, everyday tasks with greater efficiency, they can maximize their profits. When you’re considering any new tech for your business, be sure to choose solutions that save carriers and drivers time. Doing so will increase the likelihood that those truckers and carriers will want to pull your loads again and again. Trucker Tools’ free app for drivers provides instant access to real-time info on optimal routes, weigh scales, fuel stops, fuel prices, Wal-Mart locations, parking, truck stops, rest areas, CDL legal protection, load insurance, available loads and more.

Is It Multi-Functional?

One of the biggest issues with many driver apps, particularly single function load tracking apps, is that they often only do one thing: track loads for brokers and 3PLs. They don’t provide any real value for truckers beyond helping you track loads for your shippers, which means there isn’t much incentive for truckers to use these apps or keep them on their phones. Instead, choose app-based driver technology that reduces the number of apps truckers need to use when they’re on the road. The Trucker Tools app is an all-in-one app that includes 17+ tools and features that save truckers time and money. 

Will It Improve the Driver Experience?

To help differentiate yourself from your competitors, choose technology that offers a streamlined technology experience to drivers and carriers. A universal carrier platform like the Trucker Tools driver app puts everything that truckers need on one platform. They can track your loads, find and book your loads, and get real-time info on everything from fuel prices to overnight parking with an all-in-one app like Trucker Tools’ free driver app. Truckers also can use the driver app with multiple 3PLs and brokers, which means it’s not a “one and done” technology.

Will the Technology Make It Easy for Carriers To Find and Book Your Loads?

Load boards have been around for quite some time and while they’ve been valuable in the past, new technologies are emerging that are much more efficient and that provide greater benefits to brokers, 3PLs, drivers and carriers. Trucker Tools’ digital freight matching platform allows truckers and carriers to find and view your available loads in the Trucker Tools app or in our free carrier platform. Truckers and carriers appreciate it when they can instantly see your available loads on a smart phone or computer monitor because it saves them time. You also can post your loads as Book It Now® loads, which allows carriers and drivers to book your loads instantly without ever picking up the phone.

Does It Streamline Communications with Carriers?

Fielding phone calls, text messages and email messages from brokers and 3PLs can greatly impact efficiency for truckers and carriers. Be sure to choose tech that automates routine communications like check calls and inquiries about your loads to help your carrier partners maximize their revenue. Trucker Tools recently launched Broker Advantage, which gives you even more opportunities to simplify how you communicate with carriers. With Broker Advantage, you can create a home page for your company in the Trucker Tools driver app that includes links to discounts and promotions, information on incentives, links for uploading BOLs and PODs, info on your loads and more.  

For more on why you should be making technology a top priority in 2021, read The Clock Is Ticking: Why Now Is the Time To Embrace Technology.

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