December 21, 2020 | TruckerTools

Three Things Brokers Should Know About Trucker Tools’ Digital Freight Matching

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Analysts and thought leaders in logistics are calling digital freight matching the big story of the year — and it’s easy to see why. Where traditional load boards come up short, digital freight matching shines. Trucker Tools’ digital freight matching uses machine learning technology and powerful algorithms to automatically match your open loads with the best available trucks from your list of preferred carriers in a matter of seconds. You never have to post on load boards, sift through emails from carriers or pick up the phone to cover your loads. 

Check out the top three things you should know as a broker or 3PL about Trucker Tools’ digital freight matching platform

1. Reduces Your Cost Per Load

Using load boards to find and secure capacity is a time-consuming process. You have to post the load to the load board, respond to carrier inquiries about your post and negotiate the rate with the carrier. Calling or emailing carriers to find and secure capacity is equally inefficient. We’re heard from brokers and 3PLs who rely on these manual processes that it can sometimes take an hour or more to cover a single load.

The digital freight matching platform created by Trucker Tools helps you run your business much more efficiently. Covering a load takes minutes or seconds, not hours. You never have to field calls or emails from carriers who may be unqualified or who are outside your network of preferred carriers. The time you save by using Trucker Tools’ digital freight matching decreases your cost per load and helps you maximize your profits. It also allows you to move your human resources away from repetitive manual tasks. Instead, you can reassign your employees to relationship-building with shippers and carriers to grow your business.

2. Helps You Develop a Strong Carrier Network

The beauty of digital freight matching is that it not only makes your operations more efficient, it does the same for drivers and carriers. If a driver or dispatcher doesn’t have to log onto a load board, email you or pick up the phone to find out what loads you have available, that’s a win for the driver. In addition to matching your loads with trucks, Trucker Tools’ digital freight matching lets truckers see what loads you have available any time of day or night in the Trucker Tools driver app. Trucking companies also can view your available loads if they use our free software for carriers. Drivers and carriers can quickly find out what you have for loads and send you a rate quote directly through the driver app or through our carrier platform. Trucker Tools’ Book It Now® tool even lets carriers book the load right in the driver app and records the transaction automatically in your TMS. 

Trucker Tools’ digital freight matching platform makes it easy to book reloads with carriers, as well. When you’re assigning a carrier to a load in our digital freight matching platform, you can find and book a reload with the carrier all in one step. Most carriers greatly appreciate it if you can help them eliminate or reduce deadhead miles. The time savings and efficiency that Trucker Tools’ digital freight matching platform offers your carrier partners encourages them to keep pulling your loads again and again. 

3. Accessible to Brokers and 3PLs of All Sizes

If you hear the words “digital freight matching” and think it’s a technology that is only available to big 3PLs, shippers and freight brokers, think again. Digital freight matching is no longer just for the mega brokers and large logistics companies. Trucker Tools has made digital freight matching technology available and affordable to brokers and 3PLs of all sizes. We’re firm believers that everyone in the industry should have access to cutting-edge technology, whether you’re moving 1,000 loads each month or 10,000 loads/month. 

If you’re a broker or 3PL on the small size who uses phone calls, load boards and emails to find and secure capacity, it’s difficult to increase your volume without upping your overhead — because in order to move loads, you need to hire more people. One of the big advantages of Trucker Tools’ digital freight matching is that no matter the size of your operations, our platform can help you increase the volume of freight that you move. It’s simple: when you spend less time covering individual loads, you have more time available in the day to move more freight. Trucker Tools’ digital freight matching platform can be the growth accelerator that takes your business to the next level.

To learn more about why now is the time to embrace digital freight matching, read How Digital Freight Matching Is Revolutionizing Transportation.

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