November 6, 2020 | TruckerTools

Increase Carrier Stickiness, Simplify Communications with Broker Advantage

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With truck capacity at historic lows as we head into the peak shipping season, you have to use every tool at your disposal to keep carriers “sticky” and moving your loads. After all, you can’t move loads without trucks, and owner operators and carriers are in high demand. As spot rates across the country continue to rise, the technology that you use with owner operators and trucking companies matters more and more. Carrier-friendly technology can be a true differentiator for you when it comes to edging out your competition. When you use technology that makes life easier on drivers and carriers, it makes them more likely to want to work with you again — while making your own operations more efficient. 

A New Option for Brokers and 3PLs: Broker Advantage from Trucker Tools

Trucker Tools’ Broker Advantage is a new option for brokers and logistics companies that allows you to customize how you communicate with drivers and carriers via the Trucker Tools driver app. With Broker Advantage, you can create a home page for your company within the Trucker Tools driver app. On your home page, you can post useful links, offer special discounts, provide reminders, promote your available loads and share your company’s latest news with carriers via the Trucker Tools driver app. 

The benefits of Broker Advantage are numerous. Broker Advantage makes it easy for your carriers to access time-sensitive updates, upload BOL and POD documents, and to find (and book) your available loads in Trucker Tools’ driver app. Broker Advantage also saves you and your carrier partners time because it allows you to communicate and exchange information digitally instead of by individual emails, phone calls or text messages. 

Build Your Business and Brand with Broker Advantage

One of the other advantages that Trucker Tools’ Brokerage Advantage offers is that it provides you with a way to connect with carriers and owner operators outside of your carrier network. You can use Broker Advantage to market your brokerage/3PL to all of the truckers who use the Trucker Tools driver app. More than 1 million truckers have downloaded the Trucker Tools driver app, most of whom are owner operators or drivers from smaller trucking companies. Drivers outside of your carrier network can visit your Broker Advantage home page to learn more about your company and what you have to offer, including your available loads and any special discounts/perks you offer. You can use Broker Advantage to grow your carrier network.

With Broker Advantage, your company’s logo will appear on loads that you post to Trucker Tools’ digital freight matching platform and driver app. Any time that a driver or trucking company uses the load tracking feature included in Trucker Tools’ driver app to track one of your loads, they’ll also see your logo on the load track. That helps strengthen your brand recognition with drivers and users of our free carrier platform. You link your logo to your Broker Advantage home page to drive more traffic there, too. 

Convenience and Value Matter to Carriers

Convenience is king. Just like any of us, truckers are more apt to use technology that is convenient and that gives them the information they want, when they need it. Broker Advantage does exactly that. Broker Advantage is a shortcut for drivers that makes it easier and more convenient for truckers and trucking companies to work with you — and that matters. They don’t need to download a new app, open a browser or pick up the phone to get the info they need. They have all the information they need with their smart phone and Trucker Tools’ free driver app

It’s important to also remember that Trucker Tools’ driver app provides real value to truckers, which can’t be said for all of the driver apps available today. The Trucker Tools driver app is free for drivers and carriers and includes 17+ tools and features that simplify life on the road. With Trucker Tools’ free driver app, truckers can get real-time info on your available loads, fuel prices, weigh scales, routing and trip planning, Wal-Mart locations, restaurants, truck stops, rest areas and more. We’ve also recently added an in-app overnight parking reservation tool and a CDL legal protection option to our driver app to boost its value even more. 

If you’re in the market for a new TMS, check out The Best Transportation Management Systems for Your Brokerage.

Schedule a free demo of Trucker Tools’ Broker Advantage, digital freight matching and/or real-time load tracking. 

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