August 31, 2020 | TruckerTools

Introducing Trucker Tools’ New Broker Advantage

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Trucker Tools is thrilled to introduce brokers and 3PLs to a new avenue for strengthening relationships with carriers with our new Broker Advantage portal. The purpose of Trucker Tools’ Brokerage Advantage portal is to create brand recognition for your brokerage/3PL with carriers through Trucker Tools’ free mobile app and carrier platform. 

Trucker Tools’ Broker Advantage is a white label interface that lets you customize how carriers view and interact with your brokerage via Trucker Tools’ free driver app and carrier platform. Brokerage Advantage helps you provide a positive experience for your current carriers, while marketing your brand to a larger carrier audience. It also can provide an efficiency boost to you and your carrier partners by automating some of your communications. Ultimately, Trucker Tools’ Broker Advantage allows you to focus on the carrier experience and communicate with carriers in a way that is convenient for them.  

How Trucker Tools’ Broker Advantage Portal Works

Trucker Tools’ Broker Advantage portal allows you to customize how carriers view information about and from your brokerage/3PL within Trucker Tools’ driver app. You’ll have a ‘home page’ for your brokerage/3PL within the Trucker Tools’ driver app where you’ll be able to highlight special discounts, offer a link to upload BOLs, share news, promote your open loads and share other information of your choosing.  

When a carrier views one your loads in the Trucker Tools driver app, the load will be prominently branded with your company’s logo. Any time that a carrier uses the load tracking feature in Trucker Tools’ driver app, your company’s logo will appear at the top of the screen when the carrier views it.

Customize the Carrier Experience

If you’re thinking of custom-designing a driver app, think again! Proprietary app design can get expensive. Instead, let us do the heavy lifting. With Trucker Tools’ Brokerage Advantage portal, you can customize how carriers experience your brand in our free driver app. You get to choose which buttons, links and other information to show carriers on your company’s home page within Trucker Tools’ driver app. You can post discounts on fuel and other promotions on your home page. You also may want to include a button that links to your open loads or a button prompting your carriers to upload BOLs. 

Posting information to your Broker Advantage home page in the Trucker Tools’ driver makes it as easy as possible for your carriers to find your loads, upload documents and access important information. It also can save them time, which truckers always appreciate. Using your Brokerage Advantage home page to communicate with carriers may streamline workflows for your staff members, as well. 

Market Your Brand To a Larger Carrier Audience

Brokerage Advantage gives you the opportunity to get your company’s name in front of more carriers, too. Approximately 950,000 truckers — mostly owner operators and trucking companies of 10 trucks or less — have downloaded the Trucker Tools driver app. Any time that a carrier looks at one of your loads in the driver app’s digital freight marketplace, they’ll see your logo and can tap on it to go to your home page to learn more. Each time that a trucker tracks a load for you with the Trucker Tools driver app, that trucker will see your company’s logo branded across the top of the screen. That helps you drive wider brand recognition with truckers who use Trucker Tools’ driver app.

With the current truck capacity crunch, it’s more important than ever for you to provide a positive experience to carriers you already work with and to gain name recognition with owner operators and smaller trucking companies with an eye on the future. The beauty of Trucker Tools’ Broker Advantage is that it helps you do both. 

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