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The Best Transportation Management Systems for Your Brokerage

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Choosing a transportation management system is one of the biggest technology decisions you will make for your brokerage or logistics company. Getting the right TMS for your operations can mean the difference between growing your business and profit margins or continuing to tread water or even falling behind your competitors. A quality TMS can help you reduce your cost per load, improve customer satisfaction, increase efficiency and productivity, and better manage your resources. To help you identify the right TMS for your 3PL/freight brokerage, we’ve put together this list of the best TMSs available on the market today. 


Founded in 2002, cloud-based AscendTMS is one of the most popular transportation management systems in use in the world today, with thousands of users across 19 different countries. AscendTMS helps freight brokers, 3PLs, trucking companies and shippers reduce manual activities and manage all aspects of their logistics operations in a single interface. Its à la carte design allows you to decide what features to turn on for customized functionality and management. 

BrokerPro from ISS Infinity Software Solutions

The BrokerPro TMS from ISS Infinity Software Solutions is a software solution built on a monthly subscription model that doesn’t require a major initial financial investment. BrokerPro is designed to be scalable, no matter what the size of your operations. You can use the BrokerPro TMS to reduce manual data entry, manage documents, issue rate quotes, manage shipments and assign carriers to loads. 

Brokerware from 3PL Systems

3PL Systems’ flagship Brokerware TMS is designed specifically to meet the needs of freight brokers. Brokerware simplifies your management of truckload, LTL and other types of freight by putting dispatch, operations, carrier and finance management on a single screen for your staff. A carrier safety management feature helps you quickly onboard new carriers and verify authority, inspections, insurance and other carrier credentials. 


EKA Solutions’ EKA Omni-TMS platform is for small to medium-sized brokers who want to reduce operational costs, increase revenue and boost customer satisfaction. EKA Omni-TMS digitizes and automates carrier onboarding, load management, payments, safety monitoring and carrier optimization. On-demand, real-time access for all devices gives your team members the ability to easily access this cloud-based TMS remotely and from their preferred device(s). 

LOADPlus from FMS

Freight Management Systems’ TMS, LOADPlus, is designed to boost operational efficiency for freight brokers, freight agents, freight forwarders and LTL freight companies. With LOADPlus, you can manage freight, dispatch, CRM, accounting and human resources in a singular interface. FMS’ LOADPlus Pro TMS functions as an ERP that includes a fully integrated accounting module, as well.


MercuryGate’s flagship TMS is a cloud-based, scalable platform that provides digital freight and transportation management to freight brokers, 3PLs, fleets, freight forwarders and shippers. An array of configuration options allows you to choose which functionalities and modules to add to your TMS as needed. Set up customized workflows and automated processes with MercuryGate’s TMS to reduce inefficiencies and increase productivity further.  

Port TMS

Port TMS’s flagship software is designed to be easy to use, while reducing errors and streamlining internal workflows for greater visibility and efficiency. With Port TMS, you can quickly build shipments, exchange documents digitally and build custom reports to better understand your operations. Quick carrier set up and FMCSA integration simplify carrier onboarding, while a cloud-based QuickBooks integration streamlines accounting tasks.

PowerBroker from McLeod Software 

With more than 35 years in the transportation business, McLeod Software is one of the most well-recognized names in the industry. McLeod Software’s PowerBroker TMS brings your brokerage operations and management together with a complete accounting solution in a single interface. PowerBroker’s Carrier Qualifications, Waterfall Tendering and Carrier Scorecard help you better manage and utilize your existing carrier base.

Prophesy from HighJump

HighJump’s Prophesy TMS for freight brokers is a powerful Windows-based solution that streamlines and integrates dispatch and accounting functionalities for increased efficiency. Prophesy TMS features automated carrier compliance and safety alerts, quick load entry, load tender from dispatch and multi-shipment functionality. Prophesy also integrates with QuickBooks, Sage 50 and MAS accounting software for added efficiency.


Designed for small to mid-sized freight brokers, StrategyLive’s user-friendly Freight Broker Software TMS lets you manage loads, billing, payroll, mapping, tracking and carrier communications in one place. This cloud-based TMS streamlines everything from carrier searches and load entry to carrier qualification and relationship management. StrategyLive’s TMS can be purchased on a monthly subscription basis and does not require a long-term contract or commitment. 


Designed for small to mid-sized trucking companies and freight brokers, Tailwind’s TMS is a pay-as-you-go solution that doesn’t require long-term contracts or up-front fees. Tailwind’s all-in-one, cloud-based TMS puts the management of your operations, administrative tasks, dispatch, carriers, customers and accounting on a single platform — to help you strengthen cash flow and grow profit margins. 

Tai Software

TMS provider Tai Software uses artificial intelligence, business intelligence and work process automation to help freight brokers and 3PLs identify patterns and problems, and to react to changing market conditions. Tai Software’s TMS unites supply chain management and operations together to eliminate manual tasks and to increase volume without increasing operational costs. 

ViaTMS from TransTelligence

ViaTMS is TransTelligence’s flagship TMS solution for third-party logistics companies. Designed to help you run your daily operations more efficiently, ViaTMS lets you manage accounting, carrier relationships, loads, human resources and other core activities and data on one platform. Additional tools can be added to the flagship TMS to further enhance software integrations, manage digital documents and streamline carrier onboarding. 

All of the above TMS providers are integration partners with Trucker Tools, which means you can view data from Trucker Tools’ digital freight matching and real-time visibility platforms in their respective TMS interfaces. Trucker Tools partners with these industry-leading TMS providers to simplify tasks for your staff members and to make it as easy as possible for your team to access Trucker Tools’ real-time visibility, digital freight matching and Book-It-Now® data. 

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