October 20, 2020 | TruckerTools

New CDL Legal Protection Feature Now Available in Trucker Tools’ Driver App

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At Trucker Tools, we’re never done. We’re constantly looking for new ways to help you simplify your life on the road, whether it’s making it easy for you to find and reserve overnight parking or helping you find the cheapest fuel on your route. That’s why we’ve partnered with TVC Pro-Driver to bring a new feature to Trucker Tools’ free driver app: CDL legal protection. Thanks to this partnership, you can now quickly get help finding an attorney to assist you with traffic violations. TVC Pro-Driver’s attorney provider network includes more than 7,000 trucking attorneys across the country (and Canada) who can work to get your traffic violations reduced or even dismissed.  

Why You Might Need an Attorney

Did you know that just two serious traffic violations during a three year period can get your license suspended for 60 to 120 days? It’s true. Getting a ticket for driving 15 mph over the speed limit, using your cellphone while driving, lane change violations, tail-gating or running a red light can put your livelihood at risk. A suspended license means no work or pay for up to four months, which can cause you to lose your job if you’re a company driver or lose your truck if you’re an owner operator. You also may be assessed fines for traffic violations and have to go to court in the state where you received the violation(s) to contest them. If you’re a fleet owner, your drivers’ traffic violations may impact your CSA score with the FMCSA, as well.

TVC Pro-Driver’s 92.7 Percent Success Rate for Getting Trucker Traffic Violations Reduced/Dismissed

One of the reasons Trucker Tools has partnered with TVC Pro-Driver is the company’s success rate. Attorneys from TVC Pro-Driver’s network have gotten more than 1 million traffic violations reduced or dismissed for over a half million truckers. TVC Pro-Driver attorneys have a 92.7 percent success rate in getting traffic violations reduced or dismissed for truckers and trucking companies. Attorneys from TVC Pro-Driver’s network can represent you in the court of original jurisdiction (where the ticket was issued) and TVC Pro-Driver pays all of the attorney’s legal fees.

Discounted CDL Legal Protection Plan

Our partnership with TVC Pro-Driver includes a discounted rate of $45/month on TVC Pro-Driver’s #1 CDL Protection Plan for users of the Trucker Tools driver app. TVC Pro-Driver’s #1 CDL Protection Plan is the only plan of its kind to earn an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau. The plan gives you access to attorneys in all 50 states and Canada who specialize in traffic and CDL law. Also included are discounts on fuel, tires, health care and more. With the plan’s reward program, you earn reward points every month to save on restaurants, hotels, gift cards and other products. You’ll receive a 25 percent discount on network attorney fees for personal legal services, as well.

If you’re interested in enrolling in TVC Pro-Driver’s #1 CDL Protection Plan, tap on the CDL Legal Protection button on the main menu in the Trucker Tool driver app. You can access the main menu by tapping on the three-line “hamburger” menu located at the top left hand side of the Trucker Tools driver app. Once you tap on CDL Legal Protection on the main menu, tap on the Get Pro-Driver Now button to register for your CDL protection plan through TVC Pro-Driver’s website.

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To download Trucker Tools’ free driver app, including our new CDL legal protection feature, visit

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