October 21, 2019 | Trucker Tools

Carriers: Are You Responsible for Load Tracking?

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As an owner-operator or small to mid-sized trucking company, you may think to yourself, “Why is freight visibility my problem?” It’s a good and natural question, which is why we’ve dedicated a whole blog to it. Read on to learn how you can use an all-in-one alternative app that can increase the efficiency of your business instead of the single function tracking-only apps your brokers want you to use.

Single Function Tracking Apps Hurt Efficiency, Put Added Pressure on Your Relationships with Brokers

It’s not practical to download a new freight tracking app for every load you haul since you work with multiple brokers and 3PLs. Because you’re already overwhelmed with competing demands, you may not have the time or interest in making freight tracking for brokers a top priority. You probably feel like brokers blame you for poor visibility and you may see load tracking as their problem.

When a broker insists that you use their preferred freight tracking technology anyway, it affects your relationship with your broker — especially if the mobile app doesn’t work as it should and provides no transparency on when load tracking starts and stops. It’s particularly frustrating when you continue to receive six to 10 check-in calls because the broker still has no visibility of the load even when you use their tracking-only app.

The truth is that visibility rates remain low across the industry because of poorly designed tracking-only apps, even though you do your best to make these apps work. You’re generally making a good faith effort to incorporate brokers’ freight tracking technologies into daily operations, but it’s ultimately the visibility vendor’s responsibility to create technology that has value and works. Trust us, we know!

What Most Brokers Don’t Know About That App They Want You To Use

Did you know that most freight visibility solutions are comprised of two parts? First, there is the mobile app that records the truck’s location. Second is the software that receives, displays and analyzes the truck location data. What most visibility vendors don’t explain is that third-party apps such as Trucker Tools’ driver app can easily integrate with any load tracking software your broker may use.

The integration capabilities of Trucker Tools’ driver app give you a voice and a choice in the matter where it seemed like there wasn’t one. You can choose between the broker’s single function tracking-only app or Trucker Tools’ free driver app, which includes more than 17 practical features and tools that can be used with multiple brokers.

Use the All-in-One Trucker Tools Driver App To Streamline Daily Tasks

The feedback that we get over and over again is how much truckers appreciate Trucker Tools’ all-in-one driver app. It saves time and reduces the number of apps you have to use on the road. If one app can be used instead of seven or eight apps, that can be a game-changer for your business. At the same time, our driver app uses smartphone GPS technology to provide brokers with accurate load tracking and notifies you anytime that your location is being shared.

Instead of avoiding conversations with brokers about load tracking and that tracking app they want you to use, a more productive strategy is to use those conversations as opportunities. Proactively suggesting Trucker Tools’ all-in-one driver app to brokers can go a long way in giving them what they want while increasing drive time and efficiency for you and your business.

Want to learn more about Trucker Tools’ free driver app? If so, read “Trucker Tools’ Driver App Delivers More Than One Trick Pony Tracking Apps.” To download Trucker Tools’ free mobile driver app, visit

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