January 20, 2023 | TruckerTools

Digitize and Scale Your Business with Trucker Tools

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No matter if markets are up or down, real-time technology provides resiliency and scalability to logistics businesses like yours. Digitizing capacity sourcing and load tracking and booking does more than just reduce your operating costs. Going digital provides you with a level of scalability that can’t be achieved without technology. When you increase productivity among your employees, it takes them less time to cover and track each load. The time saved through greater efficiency means you can increase freight volume without needing to increase your head count. 

Trucker Tools’ Visibility: 93 Percent Tracking Success

Digitizing your tracking process with Trucker Tools eliminates or reduces manual check calls to drivers, while providing you with scalability. If you increase your load count, you don’t necessarily need to hire a new employee to accommodate the increased volume, as your tracking process has become automated.

In a recent webinar with T.I.A., Trucker Tools’ C.E.O. Kary Jablonski spoke about the various load tracking technologies that can be used with Trucker Tools’ visibility software. She noted that brokers and 3PLs that use a combination of technologies often are the most successful when it comes to freight visibility. Brokers and 3PLs that implement Trucker Tools’ load tracking best practices and offer drivers the option to track with the Trucker Tools driver app or an ELD achieve on average 93 percent tracking compliance. 

Secure Capacity Faster with Digital Freight Matching and Book It Now®

Trucker Tools’ Smart Capacity is a digital freight matching software that helps brokers like you connect loads with available truck capacity. When you become a Smart Capacity user, you gain access to the nearly 2.5 million drivers and 315,000 carriers (most of whom run 10 or fewer trucks) in Trucker Tools’ network. Access to this massive network makes it much easier for you to find the capacity your customers need, while digitizing your capacity-related communications with owner operators and carriers.

Also available within Smart Capacity is Book It Now®, Trucker Tools’ load booking tool that automates rate negotiations and capacity procurement. When you post a load as a Book It Now® load, you must include all the details on the load and your preferred price. Drivers and carriers can book Book It Now® loads 24/7 via Trucker Tools’ free app and carrier platform. When they book your Book It Now® loads, the appointments are automatically scheduled in your TMS. 

Leverage SONAR Data in Smart Capacity

Last month, we began a new integration partnership with FreightWaves SONAR that allows you to view the most up to date rate information for loads in our Smart Capacity digital freight matching platform. The integration saves your team members time, as they don’t need to open another browser or software program to access rate data. In a recent webinar with FreightWaves, Ryder System’s Group Director of Freight Brokerage Kevin Clonch spoke about the power of the Trucker Tools-SONAR integration. 

“The TRAC system and the integration with Trucker Tools can be used by any and all brokers regardless of size or whether you’ve got your own pricing tool,” Clonch said. “What differentiates FreightWaves data from its competitors’ or even pricing tools that can be built in-house is that access to real-time data as early as yesterday. That’s especially important when you think about how quickly some markets move, especially in traditional produce regions as storms or other macroeconomic factors occur. Rates can change as quickly as an hour in some cases. That real-time rating is the biggest differentiator.”

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