January 5, 2023 | TruckerTools

Employee Spotlight: Jessica Schnelle, Trucker Tools’ ELD Onboarding Manager

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Jessica Schnelle

In this ongoing blog series, we’re introducing you to the awesome people working here at Trucker Tools, one person at a time. This blog is all about Jessica Schnelle, Trucker Tools’ ELD Onboarding Manager who came to Trucker Tools in 2019. Jessica did such a great job facilitating ELD integrations that she now heads an entire team devoted to ELD onboarding and integrations! When she’s not at work, Jessica enjoys spending time with her fiancé outdoors on their patio, cooking and watching movies. 

Read on to learn more about Jessica Schnelle, Trucker Tools’ ELD Onboarding Manager and pasta-maker extraordinaire.

Name: Jessica Schnelle
Title: ELD Onboarding Manager
Favorite Movie: Legally Blonde
Favorite Things To Do Outside of Work: Going for walks with her fiancé and their dog, watching movies, being outdoors, going to the beach
Pets: 3-year old Jackson, a Catahoula Leopard dog

What Jessica Does at Trucker Tools

“I work with our broker customers, carriers and ELD providers to improve our ELD functionality within Trucker Tools,” Jessica said. “That includes increasing integrations, working with new and existing providers, partnering with broker customers, and improving the carrier’s user experience with ELD integration and tracking. Trucker Tools integrates with nearly 90 different ELDs at this point, which is huge because when I first started in this position, we had about 15. I started at Trucker Tools in August of 2019 on the support team and after a year, Trucker Tools gave me the opportunity to lead our new ELD department.” 

Why Jessica Joined the Trucker Tools Team

“Coming to Trucker Tools was a big pivot for me because before that I was working as a receptionist at a plastic surgery office,” Jessica shared. “Going from plastic surgery to the transportation industry was definitely a change, but I really love working in this industry. The team here is great and I caught on quickly. I’ve always had an interest in technology solutions and I knew at the time that I really wanted to work in the tech industry. I was ready to take the next step with my career. Being a receptionist was great, but I wanted to do something more.”

What Jessica Likes About Working at Trucker Tools

“I love the people at Trucker Tools,” said Jessica. “The culture is awesome here. It’s hard to maintain good relationships with your coworkers when you’re working remotely, but I feel like in addition to our shared focus on making Trucker Tools a success, we also make culture a priority.” 

How Trucker Tools Has Helped Jessica Grow

“When I was just starting out on the support team, the people I worked with recognized that I was achieving things within ELD and they created a new role for me to prioritize ELD,” Jessica said. “When I started at Trucker Tools, I had little knowledge about transportation, but the support team was really encouraging and fostered an environment where I could learn and grow quickly. That was Adam Wheatley, Kaitlin Coburn and Adam Pollock. I feel like they really helped me succeed at this company. I see them as my mentors, but don’t tell them because I don’t want it to go to their heads! Seriously, though, they’re great. They really helped me when I first started and I’m really appreciative of them.”

Jessica’s Favorite Things To Do Outside of Work

“I live in an area where we have really great walking paths, so my fiancé and I like to go for walks with our dog,” Jessica shared. “We also like to go see movies or binge watch a good TV show. I love to sit out on our patio during the summer and read. I’m working on a reading challenge with a goal for 50 books read this year so here’s hoping I can reach it!”

One Thing That Jessica’s Co-Workers May Not Know About Her

“I love making homemade pasta,” Jessica said. “I’ve been very into homemade pasta lately so my fiancé has had to endure my many pasta experiments. It takes hours, but the end result is worth it.”

What’s On Jessica’s Bucket List

“One of the big things I want to do is to go to Italy,” said Jessica. “Also my fiancé and I just got engaged in April and we’ve been looking at honeymoon spots and one place that we really want to go to is the Maldives.”

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