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August 4, 2021 | TruckerTools

Trucker Tools’ ELD Integration: Another Load Tracking Option for Owner Operators and Carriers

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Having options is a good thing. That’s why we’ve made it so you can track loads for a broker with both the Trucker Tools app and with an ELD. Trucker Tools has partnered with 30+ of the most popular ELD providers to make your life easier as an owner operator and, if you’re a carrier, to give your drivers another easy way to track loads for brokers. We recently interviewed Jessica Schnelle, Trucker Tools’ ELD Project Manager, about what is needed to track loads with Trucker Tools using an ELD and how Trucker Tools’ support team can help. 

Read on to learn what Jessica had to say about Trucker Tools’ ELD integrations and how they offer another load tracking option for owner operators and carriers like you. 

Tracking Loads with Your ELD

“Once you make the request until the completion of the integration and even after that if you need help with tracking on loads, Trucker Tools will work directly with the carrier and the ELD provider to get it set up,” said Jessica. “Each ELD provider requires different steps to get it set up, so in general will just need an API key and the carrier’s MC number to complete the setup. We walk the carrier through the setup process step by step until it’s completed, just to make sure it’s as streamlined and straightforward for carriers as possible.” 

Even after you’ve set up your ELD with Trucker Tools, you still have to ability to choose your load tracking method. You can switch back and forth between ELD and app based tracking with a click of a button. This gives drivers and carriers like you the power to choose your preferred tracking method on a load by load basis. 

Trucker Tools Partners with 30+ ELD Providers

Trucker Tools has partnered with more than 30 ELD providers including Omnitracs, Keep Truckin’, Big Road, GeoTab, Samsara, EROAD, LionEight and many others. If you don’t see your ELD on our ELD partners list, don’t panic. We’re constantly adding new ELD providers to our partner network. If you want to use a specific ELD to track loads and don’t see the provider name on our partners list, email us at Trucker Tools offers this integration for free. Some ELD providers may charge an integration fee. If that is the case, the Trucker Tools team will tell you if there is an additional charge from the ELD provider for the integration.

Access the 17+ Time-Saving Features in Trucker Tools’ App

After ELD load tracking is set up with Trucker Tools, drivers still have access and can use the Trucker Tools mobile app and its 17+ tools and features to save time and money on the road. The Trucker Tools app is completely free and can be used to find parking, rest areas, truck stops, weigh scales, rest areas, food, showers, loads, CDL legal representation, the cheapest fuel, optimal routes and much more. Even if drivers aren’t using the mobile app’s load tracking feature, they still can take advantage of the tools and features included in Trucker Tools’ free app.

Ongoing Support Available

Once your Trucker Tools’ ELD integration is in place and up and running, our support team will still be available to help you if you have issues with tracking with an ELD. We want carriers and drivers like you to have the best experience possible. Our goal is to provide you with tools that help your business succeed and for you to focus on finding, booking and tracking loads with no disruptions.  

To get started with tracking loads with an ELD, fill out our online ELD integration request form at

To learn more about your ELD load tracking options with Trucker Tools, watch the Trucker Tools Talks interview with Jessica.

To download Trucker Tools’ mobile app, visit

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