May 19, 2023 | TruckerTools

Employee Spotlight: Maddie Horton, Trucker Tools’ Product Marketing Manager

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In this ongoing Employee Spotlight blog series, we’re helping you get to know the folks working behind the scenes here at Trucker Tools, from members of our engineering, product development and sales teams to our executive and customer success teams. This newest employee spotlight is all about Maddie Horton, who is Trucker Tools’ Product Marketing Manager. Maddie just joined the team a little less than two weeks ago and her previous experience includes working in warehousing, fulfillment and SaaS marketing. When she’s not at work, Maddie enjoys traveling, restaurants and taking her pup, Orin, on walks.

Say hello to Maddie Horton, Trucker Tools’ Product Marketing Manager!

Name: Maddie Horton
Title: Product Marketing Manager
Hometown: Kansas City
First Concert: Hillary Duff
Current Fav TV Series: Succession, Ted Lasso
Bucket List Travel: White Sands National Park in New Mexico, Iceland

Maddie’s Work at Trucker Tools

“My job responsibility is taking the products that the product team and the engineering team have worked so hard to release and creating the go-to market strategy for those products,” Maddie explained. “That includes getting that information out to our prospects and customers. From there, I’m focused on making sure that our sales team has the resources and the tools needed to sell the products. I like to think of my role as the connecting piece between the engineering and product teams all the way through to sales.”

B.T.T. (Before Trucker Tools)

“I got started in the SaaS environment and then from there moved on into warehousing and fulfillment,” Maddie said. “Working at Trucker Tools is an opportunity to combine my SaaS background with my logistics background in one job.”

What Maddie Likes About Her Work at Trucker Tools

“Definitely the people would be the first thing,” said Maddie. “I think that everyone has been so welcoming and willing to help me during this onboarding experience. It’s been really nice working with such an inviting and knowledgeable group of people.”

Maddie’s Life Outside of Work

“I have a dog whose name is Orin and enjoy going on walks with him,” Maddie said. “I am also a bit of a foodie and I love trying new restaurants. I like to travel. Last fall, I went to Moab, Utah, and got to hike Canyonlands and Arches National Parks. It was amazingly beautiful and I had never been to that part of the country before. My guilty pleasure is trashy reality TV, especially ‘Vanderpump Rules.’” 

employee interview

Maddie’s Mentor

“I’ve been lucky,” Maddie said. “Alex Altvater, our VP of Marketing, has been my mentor for many years. It’s amazing just to be able to learn with someone as our career journeys have both grown respectively. It’s a pretty unique relationship in which I get to have someone in my life who is both my mentor and a friend. I’m really fortunate just to have someone who’s taken such a vested interest in my career growth.” 

What’s on Maddie’s Bucket List

“I feel like my bucket list is always changing.” said Maddie. “I really want to go to White Sands National Park in New Mexico. It just looks like a landscape I’ve never seen before. I also really want to go to Iceland. It looks absolutely beautiful.”

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