April 10, 2020 | TruckerTools

February 2020 Monthly Link Round-Up

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In case you missed it, our blogs in February were all about providing you with tips on how to run your trucking business better, increase drive time, find the best rates and reduce your workload. From preparing for spring snow to using the latest technology to automate load searches and load bookings, our February blogs are all about helping you work smarter, not harder. In this roundup, you’ll learn about enclosed car hauling, the cycles of the produce season and how Trucker Tools’ free Smart Capacity for Dispatchers can take the efficiency of your trucking business to another level.

Meet Third Generation Trucker Jacinda Duran: Enclosed Car Hauler, Solopreneur and Women in Trucking’s Member of the Month

Trucker Tools recently interviewed Jacinda Duran, a third-generation female trucker who is currently an enclosed car hauler of high-end and vintage cars. In the interview, Jacinda discusses how and why she transitioned from being a FedEx Express courier to a long-haul trucker and shares how she uses the Trucker Tools driver app to simplify life when she’s out on the road. Make sure to check out this blog if you’re also looking for tips on driving in snow and more information on enclosed car hauling.

Carriers: How Book-It-Now Can Reduce Your Workload, Increase Drive Time

Calling or emailing brokers to inquire about open loads and chasing stale leads on load boards can seriously impact how much time you have available to drive and make money. Trucker Tools’ Book-It-Now, which is a powerful (and free) tool included in our free driver app, gives you the power to search for and book loads quickly with your preferred brokers and 3PLs directly in the app. With Book-It-Now, you can search for loads, submit rate quotes and finalize load bookings with brokers/3PLs in a matter of seconds or minutes.

The Produce Gold Rush: Hot Spots for Truckers

With springtime comes the start of the produce season. Knowing where the need for trucks is the greatest and where to go to the get the best rates during produce season is important if you want to maximize your profits. In this blog, discover which areas of the country you should target on a month-by-month basis for produce and how Trucker Tools’ Book-It-Now can reduce the time that you spend searching for and booking loads, including produce.

Simplify Load Searches and Bookings with Trucker Tools’ Free Smart Capacity for Dispatchers

If you’re a carrier dispatcher, one of your chief responsibilities may be to find high-quality open loads for your trucks. Trucker Tools’ Smart Capacity for Dispatchers is a free tool that lets you search for and book open loads quickly with your preferred brokers directly from your computer. With Smart Capacity for Dispatchers, you can ditch load boards and eliminate multiple phone calls and email to brokers, which ultimately helps you work more efficiently. You also can publish your available truck capacity in Smart Capacity for Dispatchers, which makes it easier for your preferred brokers to view your available trucks.

Read our January 2020 Monthly Link Roundup (need to insert link here) for more tips and tricks for maximizing your efficiency and profits. To download Trucker Tools’ free driver app, visit

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