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October 16, 2020 | TruckerTools

Find Overnight Parking with Trucker Tools’ Driver App

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When you’re at the end of a long day on the road, you want the peace of mind of having a safe place to park your rig for the night. The reality, though, is that finding overnight parking continues to be major problem. According to a DOT survey conducted a few years ago, 90 percent of truck drivers have problems finding safe parking at night. Lack of parking can lead to HOS violations, put you and your cargo in unsafe situations, and reduce your revenue.

With this need for overnight parking in mind, Trucker Tools has partnered with TruckPark to bring in-app overnight parking reservations to the Trucker Tools driver app. Our new reserved parking feature lets you find, reserve and pay for safe and secure overnight parking in a matter seconds with Trucker Tools’ free driver app. 

Trucker Tools’ Partnership with TruckPark

Chicago-based TruckPark operates the largest single truck parking availability system (TPAS) in the market today. The company was founded by Josh Walls and Anthony Petitte, who both have family roots in the trucking business. TruckPark’s mission is to provide a safe and positive experience for truckers, which matches Trucker Tools’ own commitment to making your life on the road easier. 

Through our partnership with TruckPark, you can find, reserve and pay for secure parking with Trucker Tools driver app at more than 100 privately-owned parking facilities across the country — from Chicago, Atlanta and California to across the Midwest, Southeast and East Coast. TruckPark continues to add more parking facilities and resources to its platform, with new commercial lots added to its network each week. 

View On-Site Amenities with Crowd-Sourcing Feature

When you search for available parking in the Trucker Tools driver app, you can see how many parking spots are available at the location, the cost for overnight parking for your truck, and any required arrival and exit times. You also can view user-submitted, crowd-sourced information on whether or not the parking facility has other services and amenities available on-site. These on-site amenities may include showers, restrooms, repair shops and food. 

Being able to see what services and amenities are available at the parking facility before you reserve and pay for an overnight parking space is huge. Knowing whether or not you’ll be able to take a shower or get food where you park your truck for the night can help you plan ahead — and that ultimately saves you time. 

Secure, Safe Overnight Parking

We understand that your truck, trailer and the freight that you haul are all part of your livelihood, and that you need to keep them (and yourself) safe. One of the reasons that Trucker Tools partnered with TruckPark is that the company prioritizes safety and security. To join TruckPark’s network, parking facilities must meet specific safety and security standards. As a result, most of TruckPark’s parking locations have surveillance cameras onsite, as well as secure fencing, gates and extra wide entrances and exits. 

When you book an overnight parking spot through the Trucker Tools driver app, you can rest easy knowing that the location where you’ll be parking is safe and secure. That peace of mind lets you get the rest and sleep you need so that you’re fresh and ready to hit the road early the next morning. 

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