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June 15, 2022 | Trucker Tools

Five Safety Features in Trucker Tools’ Driver App

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June is U.S. National Safety Month, which makes it the perfect time to talk about safety, particularly trucker safety. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, folks working in transportation have the highest rate of workplace fatalities. The good news is that there are steps that you can take to reduce safety risks when you’re on the road and away from home. Apps like Trucker Tools’ free driver app can help you find the information you need right away with your smartphone. You can use the driver app to locate safe truck parking locations, nearby truck stops and rest areas, medical practices and much more.

1. Secure Truck Parking

According to a recent report from Transport Dive, there currently are 11 truckers for every one truck parking space in the United States. Lack of safe parking can threaten not only your cargo and livelihood, but also your personal well-being. We’ve partnered with TruckPark to bring safe and secure parking options to the Trucker Tools driver app. You now can search for, locate and book a paid parking spot in one of TruckPark’s vetted, secure parking locations using the Trucker Tools app. Before you book your spot, you can view the parking facilities’ security features, including whether the lot is fenced in, includes video surveillance and/or has a security guard on duty.

2. Truck Stop Guide

It can be distracting and stressful if you’re low on fuel or you’re in need of food or rest. The Trucker Tools app’s Truck Stop Guide instantly locates truck stops nearby your current location and/or along your route. Each truck stop listing in the app includes the name of the truck stop, location and distance from your current location, as well as the current price of diesel and the phone number for the stop. You also can see which restaurants are available nearby and the current weather for the area where the truck stop is located. Some listings include crowd-sourced ratings and information about on-site amenities such as showers and truck parking.

3. Rest Area Finder

Similar to the app’s Truck Stop Guide, the Rest Area finder locates rest areas either near your current location or along your route. Once you enter your location, each listing in the search results includes details about the rest area, including the address and distance to the rest area. You also can use the Rest Area finder in the Trucker Tools app to see if there are restrooms, phones, picnic tables, vending machines or parking available at rest areas. If you choose the map view in the Rest Area finder, you can view all of the rest areas along your route and trip planning accordingly.

4. Spot Market Cargo Insurance

In 2021, the average value of stolen cargo was $173,340 and according to CargoNet, theft during the first three months of 2022 was 15 percent higher than pre-pandemic levels. Trucker Tools has partnered with Loadsure to bring one-click spot market load insurance to the driver app to help you reduce the financial losses associated with cargo theft. Thanks to our partnership with Loadsure, you can insure cargo on a load by load basis without paying monthly premiums like you would with traditional cargo insurance. You can get a cargo insurance quote and calculate your net profit on the load before you call the broker about the load or book it. With Loadsure, claims are easy to submit and are settled quickly.

5. Medical

With Trucker Tools’ free driver app, you can search for medical facilities and providers nearby your current location and/or along your route, too. Once you enter the location/destination, the app will display nearby medical practices, urgent care centers and hospitals. Tap on the Filter button and you can narrow your search results to type of medical provider, including physician assistants, medical doctors, nurse practitioners and medical specialty providers. Each medical provider listing in the search results includes the name of the provider, distance, category, address, phone number, email address and website address.

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