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June 13, 2022 | Trucker Tools

Join Trucker Tools and FreightWaves on June 15 for the Small Fleet & Owner-Operator Summit

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On Wednesday, June 15, Trucker Tools and FreightWaves together will host the second annual Small Fleet & Owner-Operator Summit, a virtual meeting of the minds for truckers and carriers. At this free day-long online summit, you’ll learn how to improve your operations and stay competitive even as demand and rates fluctuate. You’ll hear from your fellow fleet managers, drivers, owner operators and fleet owners on how they’re meeting the challenges of a tight labor market, limited equipment supplies and high operating costs. This year’s Small Fleet & Owner Operator Summit will include speakers from across the transportation spectrum, as well as live interviews and virtual booths.

Small Fleet & Owner Operator Summit Speakers

Trucker Tools’ CEO Kary Jablonski will be a keynote speaker at the 2022 Small Fleet & Owner-Operator Summit. Jablonski will speak on how drivers and carriers who use Trucker Tools free digital freight matching and Book It Now technology can become more efficient and increase margins on loads. Trucker Tools’ Founder and Chief Customer Officer Prasad Gollapalli also will be a keynote speaker at the summit. He will introduce Trucker Tools’ new carrier loyalty program that will be launched this year and outline the benefits of tracking and booking loads with Trucker Tools’ tech.

Several other industry thought leaders will be speaking as well, including Nolan Transportation Group’s Chief Commercial Officer Drew Herpich, uShip CEO Kris Lamb and Werner Logistics’ Senior VP Matt Parry. Also speaking at this year’s summit will be Echo Global Logistics’ Executive VP Jay Gustafson and PE Consulting’s Paul Estrada. 

On-Air Interviews

As part of this year’s Small Fleet & Owner-Operator Summit, several of FreightWaves on-air podcast hosts will be interviewing owner operators, fleet owners and others within the trucking industry. Gollapalli will join FreightWaves’ Craig Fuller for an interview on “Fuller Speed Ahead,” Fuller’s deep-dive podcast that features interviews with some of the top thinkers and doers from all over the industry. The episode will focus on how digital freight matching and other types of technology can drive increased efficiency for owner operators and trucking companies. 

Ingrid Brown, a 42-year owner operator and bona fide trucking legend, also will be live broadcasting from the summit. Brown is the host of FreightWaves’ “America on 18 Wheels” podcast and a charter member of the Women in Trucking Association. Other on-air FreightWaves hosts include Kaylee Nix, Kevin Hill, Mark Solomon, Sydney Edwards and Thomas Wasson. 

Summit Topics and Virtual Booth 

The 2022 Small Fleet & Owner-Operator Summit will focus on the most pressing challenges that owner operators and fleets like you face in today’s world. These include rising costs, the AB5 law, new RFP processes, new emissions regulations, fleet electrification, relationships with brokers and 3PLs, and the increasing importance of operating as efficiently as possible. 

Trucker Tools will host a virtual booth at the Small Fleet & Owner-Operator Summit. At our virtual booth, you can view a demonstration of Trucker Tools’ driver app and learn more about Trucker Tools’ software platform for carriers. Both of these Trucker Tools technologies are free and can help you reduce phone calls and email messages from brokers, book loads 24/7, better manage your expenses and run a much more efficient trucking business. 

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