November 3, 2022 | TruckerTools

Get More Loads in Front of More Qualified Carriers with Trucker Tools

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As a freight broker or 3PL, you want to get as many carrier eyeballs on your company’s loads as possible. Of course, those carriers need to be insured, licensed and authorized to move your freight by both federal and state regulatory bodies. As a user of Trucker Tools’ Smart Capacity software platform for freight brokers and logistics providers, you gain access to one of the largest driver and carrier networks in the industry. Smart Capacity’s easy-to-use tool set allows you to verify owner operator and carrier credentials with a few mouse clicks and to send offers to qualified carriers with a click of a button. 

Read on to learn more about how you can get more loads in front of more qualified carriers with Trucker Tools.

Nearly 2 Million Drivers and 250,000 Carriers in Trucker Tools’ Network

As a Smart Capacity digital freight matching user, you can tap into the capacity provided by the nearly 2 million drivers and 250,000 carriers using Trucker Tools’ free driver and carrier technology. In fact, many of the owner operators and fleets with whom you work may already be using our free driver and carrier tech. You can post your open loads to Smart Capacity and make them viewable only to your in-network carriers and drivers. Another option is to make your loads available to Trucker Tools’ entire network — which will definitely get more of your loads in front of more qualified owner operators and carriers.

MC Number Linked To FMCSA Website

With freight fraud and scams on the rise, it’s always important to verify the credentials of any carrier you’re considering for your customers. When you search for available capacity within Smart Capacity, you can easily view each carrier’s MC number, contact info and network status. You also can view the type of equipment the carrier offers, info about the carrier’s preferred destinations, whether the carrier uses Book It Now®, and if the carrier’s available capacity has recently been confirmed. Click on the carrier or owner operator MC number within Smart Capacity and you’re linked to the MC number on the FMCSA’s website. This makes it easy to confirm that a carrier is in fact qualified.

Send Offers with Click of a Button

Smart Capacity provides you with multiple avenues for getting more of your loads in front of more qualified carriers. If you use Smart Capacity’s digital freight matching algorithm, your open loads will be matched automatically with available in-network and out-of-network capacity. Once you identify good matches in your search results for a given load, you can instantly send offers to multiple carriers with a few clicks of your mouse. You can manage and respond to your offers quickly and easily using Smart Capacity’s Carrier Activity tab. If your company has recently won a new shipper lane, you have the option to automatically send these loads to specific carriers on a timed release schedule using Smart Capacity’s Smart Routes tool. 

Grow Your Network with Trucker Tools

Using our Smart Capacity platform ultimately can help you increase the size of your capacity network. Ryder Freight Brokerage implemented Trucker Tools’ Smart Capacity platform in its operations in 2020. In the two years since then, the freight brokerage has increased the size of its carrier network by 450 percent and gross revenue by 175 percent thanks in large part to Smart Capacity. 

“We’ve had some significant growth inside of this brokerage in the past two and a half years,” said David Stone, Ryder’s Senior Director of Freight Brokerage, in a recent webinar with Trucker Tools. “Back in 2020, our carrier base was extremely small, less than 10,000 total carriers. At the time it was mostly asset-based large carriers. If you look at the glory metric that I think we posted at the beginning of the webinar showing our 175 percent growth, really the piece that you need to look at is carrier growth. We now have 45,000 carriers that we’ve added to our network and I think that’s the bigger kick. The carriers that we go after are those smaller guys, those carriers that have 10 trucks. Trucker Tools allows you to find the right carriers and helps those carriers to become sticky with you.” 

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