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May 20, 2021 | TruckerTools

How To Find Truck Parking with the Trucker Tools Mobile App

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When you can’t find a parking spot for your rig, it’s more than just a minor convenience. Lack of truck parking can cause you to violate HOS rules, park in unsafe locations, experience added stress and fatigue, and reduce your revenue. Despite this, state DOT offices recently reported that not many new public facilities or spaces are currently being developed.

With this in mind, we’ve recently expanded truck parking options in the Trucker Tools mobile app. The app can now connect you with several different kinds of truck parking, including private pay truck parking, free public parking, and parking at rest areas and truck stops. In addition to providing you with several different parking options, the Trucker Tools mobile app includes 17+ other tools and features that can save you time and money on the road.

Read on to learn how to find truck parking with the Trucker Tools mobile app.

The Trucker Tools Mobile App — Helping You On the Road and During Hometime

The Trucker Tools mobile app is a lifestyle app that does more than just help you when you’re on the road working. Many of the 1.2 million truckers who have downloaded the app also use it when they’re off the clock. When you’re on the road, you can use the Trucker Tools mobile app to find loads, the cheapest fuel, truck stops, truck washes, parking, rest areas, weigh scales, CDL legal protection, truck sales and service locations, medical facilities and more. You can use the app to track broker loads and to calculate axle weights, as well. When you’re not working, be sure to use the Trucker Tools mobile app to find Wal-Mart locations, restaurants, cheap fuel, rest areas and the best route when you’re traveling.

Three Different Truck Parking Options in the Trucker Tools App

Thanks to an integration partnership with TruckPark, you can search for, reserve, and pay for overnight and long-term parking in private lots right in the Trucker Tools driver app. To find truck parking with the Trucker Tools mobile app, simply tap on the Parking button, enter your location and/or destination, and confirm your ETA. Free public parking spots also will be included in your search results. Another way to find truck parking with the Trucker Tools mobile app is to tap on Truck Stop Guide or Rest Areas to find out where truck stops and rest areas are located. In the Truck Stop Guide, you also can see how many truck parking spots are available at each truck stop.

How To Find, Reserve and Pay for Truck Parking in Trucker Tools’ Driver App in Less Than Five Minutes

First, click on the Parking icon to find truck parking in the Trucker Tools mobile app. Click on the Filter button at the bottom of the screen to narrow your search. To view more details for any of the parking locations, tap on the parking card in your search results list to see the location’s address, number of available spots, how to access the parking lot and available amenities. To reserve a truck parking spot at the location, tap on Reserve. Use the scrolling wheel to set your arrival date/time and the number of days you need parking. Enter your email address, tap Continue To Checkout and then enter your preferred payment option. You’ll automatically receive a confirmation email shortly thereafter. That’s it!

If you’re thinking of starting your own trucking company, you’ll want to read Five Tips for Building a Trucking Business from the Ground Up. To download the Trucker Tools mobile app, visit

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