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August 9, 2021 | TruckerTools

Integration Partner Highlight: Anytrek GPS

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GPS-based asset tracking has become a must-have for carriers and asset-based brokers/3PLs. It’s easy to see why. In the United States alone, an estimated $30 billion in cargo is stolen every year. The most coveted cargo includes pharmaceuticals, clothing, consumer electronics and food. GPS-based asset trackers play a pivotal role in helping carriers and asset-based brokers locate and recover trailers and cargo that have been stolen or lost. 

Trucker Tools’ new integration partnership with Anytrek is a powerful one because it allows fleet managers to view data from Anytrek’s TrackLight GPS Tracker directly in Trucker Tools’ free software platform for carriers and in Trucker Tools’ freight tracking platform for brokers. The result is that fleet managers can view both load tracking data and asset tracking data in a single platform, thereby making it easy for operations teams to identify drop-offs at incorrect locations or to recover lost or stolen trailers and cargo.

About Anytrek

Anytrek has been providing GPS solutions to the U.S. transportation sector since 2015 with customers that include Knight Transportation and Swift Transportation. Anytrek’s patented TrackLight GPS tracker helps fleets reduce trailer theft and monitor the locations of high-value assets. The company’s other GPS-based solutions include ThermoTrack, a solar-powered 4G-connected tank thermometer with GPS, and in-dash GPS trackers.

Anytrek’s TrackLight GPS Tracker

When a trailer is dropped at the wrong location, stolen or lost, it can be difficult to recover. While tracking devices can easily be hidden inside trucks for recovery purposes, hiding a GPS tracker in a trailer can be much more difficult. Anytrek’s 4G-connected TrackLight GPS Tracker is a covert GPS tracker that is a fully-functional taillight with a GPS module inside. The TrackLight GPS Tracker is easy to install, easy to use and often is used as a backup to other asset tracking and GPS-based load tracking systems. Anytrek’s waterproof, dustproof and shockproof tracker provides location update reports every five minutes when headlights are on, every 15 minutes when headlights are off and the truck is running, and every six hours when the truck is powered off. TrackLight draws power from the brake and taillight circuits and its battery can provide three months of reporting when the trailer is unpowered. 

Integration with Trucker Tools’ Freight Tracking Platform

The integration between Trucker Tools’ free carrier platform/broker load tracking platform and Anytrek’s TrackLight GPS asset tracker allows fleets and asset-based brokers to monitor the locations of trailers directly in Trucker Tools’ platforms. The integration puts freight tracking and asset tracking together on a single platform, Trucker Tools’ carrier software platform/broker real-time visibility platform, making it easier and faster for fleet managers to locate and recover lost or stolen trailers and cargo. 

Trucker Tools’ free carrier platform and broker freight tracking platform provide trucking companies and brokers with GPS-based location updates every five to 15 minutes to brokers. Those who implement these software platforms often are able to reduce check calls, increase operational efficiency and increase their volume thanks to the time saved by digitizing freight tracking. The driver component of both platforms, the Trucker Tools mobile app, provides complete transparency for the driver. The driver must accept the load track in order for load tracking to begin. Once load tracking has started, the driver can clearly see who is received the load tracking data and for which load. The driver also has the power to pause or cancel load tracking directly in the app. 

Trucker Tools’ Free Mobile App: 17+ Features That Save Truckers and Carriers Time and Money

The driver component of Trucker Tools’ freight tracking platform, the Trucker Tools mobile app, does more than track freight. Unlike stand-alone load tracking apps, the Trucker Tools app includes 17+ features designed to save truckers time and money when they’re on the road. With the Trucker Tools mobile app, truckers can quickly find real-time info on rest areas, truck stops, fuel prices, optimal routes, weigh scales, parking, truck washes, collision repair, sales and service, restaurants, food, Walmart locations and more. Truckers also can use the app to find backhauls and an attorney to help them fight tickets and other moving violations. 

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