February 28, 2020 | TruckerTools

Integration Partner Highlight: HighJump Transportation Software

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In an increasingly digital world, seamless platform integration is essential if you want to provide the best experience possible for your customers and increase the operational efficiency of your brokerage/logistics company. That’s why we’re excited to welcome HighJump as one of our newest integration partners. 

Named one of Inbound Logistics’ Top 100 Logistics IT Providers for 2019, HighJump’s solutions encompass warehouse, store delivery, omni-channel retail, transportation management, business intelligence and supply chain management. HighJump’s emphasis on developing scalable solutions that help businesses predict demand and make smarter decisions matches Trucker Tools’ own commitment to creating solutions that provide real-world value to truckers, brokers, 3PLs and trucking companies.

HighJump’s Prophesy Transportation Management System

HighJump’s Prophesy transportation management system simplifies operations for freight brokers and third party logistics providers by consolidating dispatch, planning and compliance, QuickBooks accounting and mobile communications in a single platform. The scalability of Prophesy allows brokers and 3PLs to transition from manual processes (think whiteboards, phone calls and paper trails) to a digital platform that can be scaled up as your business grows. Single point data entry ensures that information is shared across your business quickly and in real-time. Prophesy ultimately streamlines operations and increases operational efficiency, encompassing everything from resource assignments and billing to fuel tax reporting and DOT compliance, 

Increase Load Visibility, Reduce Check Calls with All-in-One Carrier App

The integration between HighJump’s Prophesy TMS and Trucker Tools’ load tracking platform and free driver app  allows HighJump TMS users to leverage the Trucker Tools driver app’s 17+ features and tools to incentivize load tracking for carriers. Unlike single function load tracking apps that are designed solely to meet your needs as a broker/3PL, the Trucker Tools driver app delivers value to carriers that goes far beyond your freight tracking needs. In addition to a robust load tracking feature, the Trucker Tools free driver app provides carriers with real-time information on truck stops, rest areas, parking, fuel prices, routing, weather, weigh scales, Wal-Mart locations, DOT locations, medical facilities and more.

Brokers and 3PLs who use Trucker Tools’ driver app and/or digital freight tracking platform report higher carrier adoption rates of digital load tracking when compared with other load tracking methods, such as single function apps that only track freight. With more carriers on board with digital freight tracking thanks to Trucker Tools, you’re able to increase the number of loads that you can track, which helps you win and retain contracts with shippers.

Trucker Tools’ free driver app pings the trucker’s smart phone every five minutes to ensure you always have accurate ETAs and real-time freight visibility. You can view visibility data directly in HighJump’s Prophesy TMS quickly, without navigating to another platform or window. Trucker Tools’ driver app uses the GPS technology native to the trucker’s smart phone to provide location data that you can rely upon and share with shippers with confidence. Highly accurate, real-time visibility helps reduce check calls and boost operational efficiency significantly.

Digital Freight Matching for Brokers

The integration between HighJump’s Prophesy TMS and Trucker Tools’ digital freight matching platform connects you with the truck capacity offered by the 850,000+ truckers using our free driver app. It also gives you access to the 135,000+ trucking companies on Trucker Tools’ Smart Capacity platform.

Instead of using valuable time and resources on manual emails and phone calls to carrier dispatchers, you can search for trucks within Trucker Tools’ network in seconds directly in the Prophesy TMS. Unlike load boards and other public truck capacity markets, Trucker Tools’ digital freight matching platform is a private network, which means less competition from other brokers and 3PLs when it comes to finding and securing truck capacity.

When you post your open loads to Trucker Tools’ digital freight platform, you can choose to make specific loads available to specific carriers and/or carrier networks. The ability to target your open loads to specific carriers means no more time wasted on answering telephone calls and emails from unqualified and/or out of network carriers. It also makes it easier for you to cultivate business with preferred carrier partners and to find reload opportunities for them.

If you’d like more information on HighJump’s Prophesy TMS and other software solutions, visit

Learn how Trucker Tools’ load tracking, freight matching and automated load booking can help you increase revenue by checking out our blog How Trucker Tools’ 800,000+ Trucker Network and Book-It-Now Can Help You Grow Your Brokerage .

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