June 3, 2020 | TruckerTools

Integration Partner Highlight: Infinity Software Solutions’ BrokerPro TMS

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Trucker Tools is pleased to announce that we’re partnering with Infinity Software Solutions to bring you a platform integration that automates time-consuming brokerage activities and offers you greater operational efficiency. The integration between Trucker Tools’ real-time visibility platform and ISS’ BrokerPro transportation management solution lets you manage loads, issue rate quotes, access QuickBooks, onboard carriers and track active loads in real-time from a single interface. The integration makes it easier than ever for you to address service delays as they occur in real-time, which helps increase shipper satisfaction and retention. 


BrokerPro from Infinity Software Solutions is an easy to use, comprehensive online transportation management system that is designed to make your life easier, whether you’re a small, medium or large broker. You can use the BrokerPro TMS to manage full and LTL loads, assign carriers, issue rate quotes and manage shipper, carrier and load-related documents in a single interface. BrokerPro’s Quickbooks integration helps reduce manual data entry for brokerage staff, which saves time. The TMS also includes SaferWatch, a tool that simplifies new carrier on-boarding and carrier management. BrokerPro is available as an affordable monthly subscription and doesn’t require a substantial initial financial investment. 

Integration with Trucker Tools’ Real-Time Visibility Platform

The integration between Trucker Tools’ real-time visibility platform and BrokerPro allows you to view the locations of trucks in real-time directly in the BrokerPro TMS. Trucker Tools’ real-time visibility platform uses the free Trucker Tools’ driver app and the GPS technology in the trucker’s smart phone to provide you with highly accurate, dependable truck location updates every five minutes. With real-time visibility of trucks viewable in BrokerPro, you can address any delays that occur immediately and provide accurate ETAs to your shipper customers.  

This integration ultimately can help you reduce your cost per load by decreasing the number of check calls needed to monitor a load. Fewer check calls simplifies workflows for brokerage staff and increases the efficiency of your operations. It also frees up brokerage staff members to perform other activities, such as expanding your customer base, that can raise additional revenue. 

Real-Time Visibility with an All-in-One App Carriers Will Actually Use 

If you’re struggling to get carriers to use digital visibility tools, it may be time to rethink your approach. Are you making load tracking as attractive and simple as possible for carriers? The truth is that most visibility tools, such as single function load tracking apps, are designed to do one thing: track loads for brokers and/or shippers. They aren’t designed with carriers in mind. They also don’t typically offer any business value to truckers and dispatchers — and frankly, that’s a problem. It’s why many brokers and 3PLs continue to fall short of their shippers’ visibility requirements.

Unlike single function load tracking apps, the free Trucker Tools driver app is truly valuable for truckers. In addition to providing you with real-time visibility of the loads your broker, Trucker Tools’ driver app includes 17+ other powerful features and tools that are designed to make carriers’ lives easier. With Trucker Tools’ driver app, truckers have instant access to real-time information on fuel pricing, weigh scales, parking, rest areas, truck stops, Wal-Mart locations, restaurants, routing, available loads, DOT locations and more. 

One of the things that truckers tell us they like about the real-time visibility tool included in our driver app is that it can be used with multiple brokers. Carriers don’t have to download a new, single use app for each and every load they haul. They also like that Trucker Tools has made load tracking as transparent as possible for truckers. The driver must accept the request to track the load in order for the load tracking to begin. Once load tracking is on, the trucker can see the name of the broker receiving the location data and the details on the associated load. The trucker also has the power to pause or cancel a load directly in the app, if needed.

Learn more about our integration partner Infinity Software Solutions and its BrokerPro TMS by visiting

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