June 24, 2022 | Trucker Tools

Integration Partner Highlight: Tai TMS

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Trucker Tools’ newest integration partnership brings the power of Trucker Tools’ Smart Capacity logistics software platform to Tai Software’s transportation management system interface. This full-stack integration with Tai TMS includes Smart Capacity’s real-time visibility, digital freight management and automated load booking capabilities, packing a powerful punch for businesses like yours. With the integration, your team members can quickly cover loads, access Trucker Tools’ nearly 2 million-strong driver and 250,000 carrier network, and communicate digitally with drivers and dispatchers — all without opening a new software program or web browser.

Read on to learn more about the integration partnership between Trucker Tools and Tai Software and how it can help your freight broker or 3PL business operate more efficiently, better meet your shippers’ needs and provide a positive experience for carriers.

About Tai Software and Tai TMS

Founded more than 20 years ago by a group of industry experts and developers, Tai Software has been focused on helping freight brokerage operations like yours become more productive and scale for growth. Tai Software’s flagship transportation management system is built to centralize your daily operations and help your team work with greater efficiency. Created with speed and scalability in mind, Tai’s TMS was named to Capterra’s 2021 Shortlist and to Software Advice’s Front Runners 2021 list.

With Tai Software’s TMS, you can store your entire carrier network in a single digital interface, automate carrier compliance tracking and view rate intelligence data from multiple sources to empower your team to make better decisions in real-time. The TMS’s shipment log streamlines how you communicate with customers, carriers and colleagues and leaves a valuable audit trail. The TMS also can be integrated with your ERP (enterprise resource planning) system or WMS (warehouse management system) to better coordinate tasks and drive greater efficiency. Tai TMS’ data analytics help you identify inefficient segments of your operations to maximize your profit margins and minimize costs.

Real-Time Load Tracking Data from Trucker Tools’ Popular Driver App

Our integration partnership with Tai Software’s TMS includes the real-time visibility component of our Smart Capacity platform. Smart Capacity uses Trucker Tools’ perennially popular driver app to provide your team with real-time load tracking updates every five to 15 minutes. Access to digital load tracking data in real-time allows your team to identify and rectify service delays faster, resulting in higher levels of service for your shippers. Most freight brokers and 3PLs that use Trucker Tools and its free driver app for load tracking are able to increase the number of loads tracked and their carrier compliance rates thanks to the 17+ other features included in the driver app. Many also are able to meet or surpass even the strictest visibility requirements of larger shippers.

This integration partnership allows Tai TMS users to view load tracking data from Trucker Tools’ Smart Capacity/driver app directly in the TMS interface. Team members don’t need to open a new software platform, app or browser to see where a truck and its load are — they can simply view the real-time location of both directly in the TMS. This integration saves your team members time by reducing or eliminating check calls, while putting the information they need to make the best decisions literally right at their fingertips.

Source Capacity Faster, Build Out Your Carrier Network

The integration partnership between Trucker Tools and Tai Software includes the digital freight management component of Smart Capacity, as well. Using Smart Capacity, you can locate available truckload capacity in real-time with a few clicks of your computer mouse, a process that is much faster than using load boards, phone calls or email lists to source capacity. Smart Capacity includes carrier relationship management tools that allow you to reduce new carrier onboarding and foster strong relationships with specific carriers with repeat loads. As a Smart Capacity user, you also can tap into Trucker Tools’ massive capacity network that currently includes nearly 2 million drivers and 250,000 carriers.

The integration partnership allows your team members to source capacity from Trucker Tools’ network directly from within the Tai TMS. Instead of spending an hour on the phone trying to cover a single load, your team members can quickly search for a truck in real-time and only call those carriers who have capacity available when and where it’s needed. They can access Smart Capacity’s huge driver and carrier network without launching another software program or switching interfaces.

Automate Bookings with Book-It-Now®

The third and final component of Trucker Tools’ integration partnership with Tai Software centers on digital load booking for carriers with Book-It-Now®. Launched by Trucker Tools in 2019 as the first load/truck booking automation technology in the industry, Book-It-Now® allows carriers and owner operators to book your loads digitally — with no follow-up phone calls needed. Posting a load as a Book-It-Now® load gives carriers the ability to book the load at your listed rate through Trucker Tools’ free carrier software platform and owner operators the same option through Trucker Tools’ driver app.

When a Book-It-Now® load is booked by a carrier or owner operator, the appointment is automatically scheduled in Tai Software’s TMS. The carrier dispatcher/owner operator receives an automated email confirming the appointment, as well as recommendations for backhaul loads. Carriers and drivers often like Book-It-Now® because it gives them anytime access to your loads and lets them search for and book your loads at times that are most convenient for them. Ultimately, Book-It-Now® eliminates time-consuming rate negotiation phone calls, streamlining the truck/load booking process for both your team and for carriers and owner operators.

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