June 24, 2022 | Trucker Tools

The #1 Capacity Tool for Freight Brokers

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As a freight broker or 3PL, the success of your business hinges on your ability to source capacity for your customers. Over the last several years, economic volatility, the disruptions caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, and a sharp increase in the number of small carriers and owner operators in the market have made sourcing capacity more challenging than ever. Thankfully, capacity sourcing technologies like Trucker Tools’ Smart Capacity platform are capable of aggregating multiple capacity sources into one searchable interface – including small carrier and owner operator capacity. The digital freight matching upon which Smart Capacity is built uses real-time data to help you find and secure truck capacity faster, book more loads and grow your carrier network.

Read on to learn why Trucker Tools’ Smart Capacity is the most effective capacity tool for brokers.

Save Time and Make More Money

Using traditional capacity sourcing methods such as calling/emailing carriers or using load boards takes a lot of time. Smart Capacity’s artificial intelligence, process algorithm and machine learning technology streamlines and digitizes capacity sourcing so that you can cover a load in a matter of minutes, not hours. You can search for capacity by type, lane, weight and other factors in Smart Capacity or right in your TMS. Once you find the right truck for the load, you can either call the carrier directly to discuss the rate or send the carrier a message through Smart Capacity/your TMS.

Using Smart Capacity in your operations makes your process for sourcing capacity much more efficient. When your capacity sourcing is more efficient, you reduce your cost per load, which is great news for your bottom line. Greater efficiency offers your business the ability to broker more freight volume than is possible with traditional capacity sourcing methods. Freight brokers who use Smart Capacity in their operations often can increase their load count without upping their head count thanks to this gained efficiency.

Book More Loads

To further increase the efficiency of your business and raise your load count further, you have the option to post your uncovered loads to Smart Capacity as Book It Now® loads. Book It Now® loads include your preferred rate and can be digitally booked 24 hours/day and seven days/week by owner operators and carriers. You can designate certain loads Book It Now® loads and offer digital load booking to specific carriers and drivers. Most brokers use Book It Now® on loads that don’t require special handling and with their top-performing, in-network carriers.

Book It Now® integrates with your TMS, which means when an owner op/carrier books one of your Book It Now® loads the appointment is automatically scheduled in your TMS. Book It Now® streamlines rate confirmations and appointment-setting, freeing up FTE that can be focused instead on booking more loads and relationship-building with carriers and shippers. Book It Now® is a scalable technology that ultimately helps you increase your load count without hiring on additional employees.

Grow Your Carrier Network with Smart Capacity

Trucker Tools’ technology is used by nearly 2 million drivers and 250,000 carriers. As a Smart Capacity user, you can access Trucker Tools’ enormous network of owner operators and carriers as your business evolves and grows. This capability is especially vital when freight markets are unpredictable, as they have been for the last three years. Smart Capacity can help you cultivate and win new business. When you need to add a lane for a shipper or research capacity availability before signing a contract, you easily can do so with Smart Capacity.

What makes Smart Capacity stand apart from other capacity tools is that it fosters ongoing business with carriers. With Smart Capacity, you can look beyond a single load and build long-standing relationships with specific carriers. Rather than onboarding a new carrier with each load, you can use Smart Capacity to search first for capacity offered by carriers who you’ve already onboarded. You also have the option to offer digital load booking and other conveniences to certain carriers as an incentive to work with you again and again.

To learn more, read “Avoid Death by Excel: How Trucker Tools Can Automate Broker and 3PL Operations of All Sizes.”

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