Teknowlogi, Trucker Tools’ newest integration partner, is a California-based transportation automation company known for its innovative solutions that leverage the power of automation and artificial intelligence. The company’s focus on delivering a high return on investment, ease of use, and high-quality service and support to its customers matches Trucker Tools’ values, which center on providing ongoing value and support to multiple segments of the supply chain.

Teknowlogi’s TMS and Trucking AI Solutions

For the last 14 years, Teknowlogi has pushed the boundaries of what a transportation management system can do. Teknowlogi’s flagship TMS is scalable and its open API architecture ensures that its shipper, broker, 3PL, and carrier customers stay on the cutting edge of the latest technological developments. The TMS automates the manual processes associated with scheduling pickups and appointments, managing fleet invoices and payables, and accounting.

The artificial intelligence included in Teknowlogi’s TMS encompasses operations, shipment tracking, and supply chain management. Teknowlogi’s AI helps businesses identify patterns and bottlenecks, analyze potential solutions and quickly react to changes in the market in order to maximize profits. The TMS also can be integrated with existing warehouse management, ERP, and accounting systems and software.

Achieve Greater Visibility with Trucker Tools Carrier-Centric Driver App

Teknowlogi’s TMS can be integrated with Trucker Tools’ highly accurate, GPS-based load tracking platform. As a result of the integration, Trucker Tools’ driver app provides real-time, continuous load tracking information that can be viewed by operations staff directly in Teknowlogi’s TMS. Freight location information is automatically updated every five minutes so that you always have visibility of your freight.

Unlike many of the proprietary tracking apps in the market today, Trucker Tools’ driver app does more than just track freight. The driver app also provides carriers with real-time information on fuel prices, truck stops, truck washes, weigh scales, optimal routes, traffic, weather, nearby repair shops, medical facilities and more. Trucker Tools’ driver app also includes load search capabilities.

The multi-functionality of Trucker Tools’ driver app is why carriers tend to adopt it at high rates than mobile apps that just track freight. Higher adoption rates mean that you gain visibility on more loadsreduce check-calls and increase efficiency significantly.

Simplify Capacity Searches with Trucker Tools Predictive Load Matching, 750,000+ Strong Carrier Network

Integrating Teknowlogi’s TMS with Trucker Tools predictive load matching significantly reduces the amount of time that you spend searching for truck capacity. Instead of wasting time searching load boards, emailing partners or making multiple phone calls, you can leverage the power of Trucker Tools’ algorithms and intuitive workflows to view real-time capacity matches directly in the TMS interface. Trucker Tools’ business rules and data verification techniques bring the best matches to the top of your match list. Searching for quality capacity with the Teknowlogi/Trucker Tools integration takes seconds, not minutes or hours.

When you’re in need of additional capacity, you also have access to Trucker Tools’ network of more than 750,000 truckers and 130,000 unique carriers. The Trucker Tools’ network provides you with instant capacity during peak volume periods and reduces the time you would otherwise spend calling or emailing out of network trucking companies and owner-operators. You can pull and secure capacity from the Trucker Tools network directly from Teknowlogi’s TMS interface.

To learn more about Teknowlogi’s TMS and AI solutions, visit https://teknowlogi.com.

If you’d like to learn more about the competitive edge Trucker Tools’ solutions can offer your logistics company, read Trucker Tools by the Numbers. To schedule a demo of Trucker Tools’ load tracking and load matching solutions, call 703-955-3560.