July 11, 2022 | TruckerTools

Integration Partner Highlight: Titan GPS’ ELD

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As an owner operator, fleet, freight broker or logistics company, you need technology-based solutions that can share information with one another. After all, what good is a technology if it can’t “talk” with other apps and software that you use? Trucker Tools partners with leaders in TMS, ELD and telematics technology to ensure that the technology you use alongside Trucker Tools’ saves you time — whether you’re a cost-conscious driver on the road, a fleet owner in search of greater efficiency or a freight broker/3PL looking to improve shipper service levels.

Trucker Tools’ newest integration partnership is with Titan GPS, a leader in GPS-based telematics, fleet management and workflow optimization. Our integration partnership with Titan GPS gives drivers and fleets an alternative to tracking loads with the Trucker Tools driver app. It allows drivers and fleets to track broker loads with the Titan GPS’ electronic logging devices (ELDs). If you’re a freight broker or 3PL that uses Trucker Tools’ Smart Capacity platform, this partnership gives you another option to offer carriers and drivers for digital load tracking.

Read on to learn more about Trucker Tools’ partnership with Titan GPS and how it can benefit your business.

About Titan GPS

Established in 2004 as Certified Tracking Solutions, Titan GPS is a trusted brand for thousands of fleets and drivers across the United States and Canada. The company offers a wide range of fleet management and industrial IoT solutions that help fleets improve overall efficiency, streamline operations and increase profitability. Titan GPS’ fleet management solutions include dash camera systems, Bluetooth asset tracking, GPS asset tracking, vehicle tracking, equipment tracking, trailer tracking, digital inspections and ELD HOS compliance. Titan GPS serves a variety of industries, including oil and gas, transportation, field services, public works, government, construction and more.

Titan GPS’ ELD is fully CCMTA and FMCSA compliant, which means it meets the requirements established by both the U.S. and Canadian governments. Set up of Titan GPS’ ELD is easily achieved via Bluetooth and takes mere seconds. Available for use with both iOS and Android devices, Titan GPS’ ELD eliminates manual mileage entries for drivers, including state and provincial crossings. The ELD helps fleets and drivers manage paperwork and stay ahead of potential costly violations. With Titan GPS’ logbook, fleet managers can view drivers’ logbooks in real-time, while fully integrated digital driver vehicle inspection reports allow you to file vehicle inspections digitally in a matter of seconds.

Fleets and Drivers: Digital, Real-Time Visibility Saves Time

As a fleet owner, fleet manager, company driver or owner operator, real-time digital visibility technology saves you time. Tracking loads with Titan GPS’ ELD reduces the number of check calls that you have to answer from brokers who want an updated ETA on the load you’re hauling. If you’re a company driver or owner operator, fewer check calls means you can concentrate on driving and getting the load there safely without being interrupted. As the owner or manager of a fleet, real-time load tracking with Titan GPS’ ELD makes your operations more efficient and your team more productive. Instead of making four or five check calls per load to check the status of the load, your team members can rely on the driver’s ELD to provide visibility data directly to the broker/3PL.

Even if you don’t use the Trucker Tools driver app for load tracking purposes, you/your drivers can still use the other 17+ features and tools in the app to save time and money on the road. In addition to load tracking, the driver app can provide company drivers and owner operators with information on the cheapest fuel, weigh scales, rest areas, truck stops, truck parking and load-by-load cargo insurance. Trucker Tools’ driver app also can be used to find and book reloads, calculate axle weights and for trip planning, an essential part of every trucker’s daily routine.

Logistics Providers and Freight Brokers: Increase Service Levels with Real-Time Load Tracking

Real-time visibility used to be a nice-to-have service to provide to shippers, but over the last few years has become a must-have service for your customers. With real-time load tracking information, shippers can optimize their own operations for greater efficiency, better understand their supply chains, and provide a higher level of service to their own customers and distributors. In order to keep pace with your competitors, you must make real-time visibility a top priority.

The integration partnership between Trucker Tools and Titan GPS allows the driver on the load to use the Titan GPS ELD for real-time load tracking purposes instead of the Trucker Tools driver app. When a driver uses their Titan GPS ELD for load tracking, you’ll be able to see the real-time location of the load directly in Trucker Tools’ Smart Capacity (or in your TMS) just as you would if the driver used the Trucker Tools app for load tracking. This integration makes it possible for you to offer drivers and carriers multiple options for load tracking. Giving carriers and drivers multiple options for tracking loads shows them that you care about their preferences and want to keep them in your network — and that’s always a good thing.

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