March 7, 2020 | TruckerTools

January 2020 Monthly Link Round-Up

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In our monthly link round-up, combat fear of missing out by checking out Trucker Tools’ top blogs from the last month.

Our January blogs were packed with valuable business tips on how to increase revenue in your brokerage in 2020. We covered a lot of ground — from how to reduce check calls and our automated Book-It-Now tool to how to increase operational efficiency and meet shippers’ KPIs. Also featured in January: an intro to Trucker Tools’ free driver app and how using our Load Track tool can help you achieve 70 to 99 percent visibility compliance.

Five Tips To Increase Your Brokerage’s Operational Efficiency

Making your brokerage operate more efficiently requires more than just considering your fixed operating costs. You also need to choose comprehensive, affordable technology-based solutions that are designed to increase operational efficiency. Check out our five tips for raising your brokerage’s operational efficiency in 2020.

The Trucker Tools Mobile App – What You Need To Know

In this blog, we highlight the differences between the Trucker Tools free driver app and other trucking, visibility and freight matching apps in use today. In contrast to some app-based solutions that bypass brokers altogether, our driver app is made to help you and your carrier partners operate with greater efficiency, connect you with high quality capacity when you need it and provide the accurate, continuous freight visibility your shippers demand.

LTI Delivers Reduces Check Calls by 40 Percent

Full service transportation solutions provider LTI Delivers was struggling with low visibility compliance and operational efficiency. Since migrating to Trucker Tools’ free driver app and Smart Capacity platform, LTI Delivers has been able to increase its shipper service offerings, reduce check-calls and increase operational efficiency. Check out this blog to find out how they did it.

How Schneider Is Using Trucker Tools’ Book-It-Now To Enhance the Trucker Experience, Build Carrier Loyalty

In a recent webinar with Trucker Tools and Talking Logistics, Ben Schuchart, VP of Operations for Schneider Transportation Management, discussed how Schneider is using Trucker Tools’ Book-It-Now to enhance the driver/carrier experience, which has become a major factor in developing and retaining high-quality carriers.

Why Industry Average 30 Percent Tracking Compliance Success Isn’t Good Enough for Your Shippers — or Your Brokerage

In this blog, you’ll discover how you can do better than the industry average when it comes to freight visibility. Brokers and 3PLs who migrate to Trucker Tools’ load tracking platform typically achieve outstanding results. For example, Syfan Logistics used the Trucker Tools driver app and Smart Capacity platform to raise its average tracking compliance success rate to 84 percent, while reducing check-calls by 30 percent. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Increase Visibility Compliance to 80% or Higher To Meet Your Shippers’ KPI Requirements

Shippers use KPIs to measure your effectiveness as a brokerage or logistics company. Many shippers make visibility KPIs a top priority and require that you provide visibility on at least 80 to 90 percent of their load volume. If you’re not meeting your shippers’ on-time KPIs with your current visibility solution, read this blog to learn how Trucker Tools’ visibility solution can help you meet or exceed the KPIs set by your shippers.

LTI Delivers Raises the Bar on Shipper Service Offerings with Trucker Tools

The results that LTI Delivers has achieved with Trucker Tools proves that you don’t need limitless resources, expensive infrastructure or a long timeline to increase the service that you provide to shippers as a brokerage. Read this blog to learn how LTI Delivers has found an ideal technology partner in Trucker Tools and reduced its check-calls by 40 percent.

How Trucker Tools’ Solutions Strengthen the Entire Supply Chain

At Trucker Tools, we believe that technology can help everyone in the supply chain, from owner-operators and small to mid-sized trucking companies to brokers, 3PLs and shippers. In this blog, learn how we can give you the tools you need to operate efficiently, increase revenue, build productive partner relationships and provide top-notch customer service.

Kingsgate Logistics Goes Live with Trucker Tools Book-It-Now Automated Load Booking


Kingsgate Logistics Services recently went live with Trucker Tools Book-It-Now, a new feature of Trucker Tools’ cloud-based software platform that automates the process of booking truckload shipments with carriers. Kingsgate is among the first freight brokers to start full operation with Trucker Tools’ Book-it-Now. With Book-It-Now, Kingsgate has reduced its cost to cover a load from as much as two hours to less than 15 minutes.

Why Carriers Don’t Want To Use Your Single Function Freight Tracking App

In this blog, we discuss the top three reasons why carriers are reluctant to use single function freight tracking apps. You’ll learn how implementing a visibility solution like Trucker Tools’ provides added value to carriers, which ultimately can raise your load visibility and reduce check calls.

Schneider Expands Collaboration with Trucker Tools, Adds Integrated “Book-it-Now” Automated Load Booking to Operating Platform


Schneider Transportation Management, a division of Schneider, has launched Trucker Tools’ Book-It-Now to automate the process of carriers booking truckload shipments with brokers. Book-It-Now helps improve the driver experience, providing carriers with real-time load details and rates and the ability to confirm a rate and complete the transaction within the app in seconds.

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