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Join Trucker Tools on March 16 for FreightWaves’ 2022 3PL Summit

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On Wednesday, March 16, 2022, Trucker Tools will join freight brokers, third party logistics providers and technology vendors from across the transportation industry for FreightWaves 2022 3PL Summit. This virtual event will focus on innovative technologies available to the industry, as well as best practices for freight brokers and 3PLs given current market conditions. Speakers at this year’s 3PL Summit will include Anne Reinke, president and CEO of TIA, and Benjamin Kowalski, founder and co-host of Freight 360. Trucker Tools’ CEO and Founder Prasad Gollapalli will be featured on the FreightWaves podcast “What the Truck?!” as part of this year’s 3PL Summit. Trucker Tools also will lead a demo of its Smart Capacity software platform and host a virtual booth at this year’s gathering.

Get To Know Trucker Tools’ Carrier Relationship Management Platform at 3PL Summit

Gollapalli’s interview on FreightWaves’ popular podcast “What the Truck?!” will be on the subject of the competitive advantage offered by carrier relationship management software platforms like Trucker Tools’ Smart Capacity. As Gollapalli will discuss, Smart Capacity allows you to locate and secure capacity faster while reducing phone calls to your carriers partners, which they likely will appreciate. With Smart Capacity, you also have the power to offer specific types of loads and convenient digital load booking to specific drivers and carriers, which can incentivize them to stay in your network and help you build out your carrier networks. Smart Capacity lets you search for capacity from a customized list of your preferred or in network carriers before searching for trucks in the general market, which helps reduce new carrier onboarding and strengthen relationships with already-onboarded carriers/owner operators, as well.

As part of the summit, Trucker Tools will be delivering a seven minute demonstration of Smart Capacity, highlighting its carrier relationship management, digital freight matching, real-time visibility and Book-It-Now® digital load booking capabilities. You also won’t want to miss Trucker Tools’ virtual booth that will include digital brochures and a video about Trucker Tools.

Offer Efficiency and Time-Savings to Carriers and Drivers

In addition to giving you a valuable means to manage your carrier relationships, Smart Capacity can be used to save your team and the owner operators/carriers with whom you work valuable time. When you search for and find a truck marked available in Smart Capacity, you can rest assured that the truck is likely available. The same cannot be said for trucks that you might see on load boards. Unlike load boards, Smart Capacity’s truck data is based on real-time GPS truck location data and real-time transaction data between brokers and carriers, telling you where truck capacity is available now and where it will be available in the future.

Armed with accurate data, you no longer have to make cold calls to every carrier you know to cover loads. Instead, you can simplify your process for covering loads by searching for trucks in Smart Capacity, knowing that the trucks that appear to be available likely are. Smart Capacity’s streamlined process for locating capacity reduces the number of phone calls that your team must make to carriers and reduces the number of phone calls your carrier partners receive and must answer. The result is a more efficient process for all parties involved.

Meet Owner Operators and Carriers Where They Already Are: On Trucker Tools’ Platform

To date, the perennially popular Trucker Tools driver app has been downloaded more than 1.6 million times, while Trucker Tools’ carrier software platform that’s free for trucking companies is used by more than 220,000 carriers, most of whom run 10 trucks or fewer. When you begin using Trucker Tools’ Smart Capacity platform as a freight broker or 3PL, you gain access to this massive owner operator and small to mid-sized carrier network. As a freight broker or 3PL using Smart Capacity, you’re also notably meeting 1.6 million owner operators and 220,000 carriers where they already (digitally) are: on the Trucker Tools platform.

To learn more about the 2022 FreightWaves 3PL Summit, visit

Schedule a free demo of Trucker Tools’ Smart Capacity carrier relationship management platform, including real-time visibility, digital freight matching and Book It Now®.

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