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How Trucker Tools’ Digital Freight Matching Builds In Network and Out of Network Carrier Loyalty

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One of the most powerful tools available to brokers and 3PLs like you is digital freight matching technology. Trucker Tools’ digital freight matching platform helps you build carrier networks and increase carrier loyalty as part of your long-term strategy. With Trucker Tools’ digital freight matching and companion driver app, you can offer convenience and efficiency to your current in-network carriers, which increases the chances they’ll want to remain in your network. You also can tap into out of network capacity as needed with Trucker Tools’ digital freight matching. Unlike load boards and spreadsheets, when you see that a truck is available in a certain lane in Trucker Tools’ platform, you can trust that the information is accurate because Trucker Tools’ digital freight matching is real-time. That means you don’t have to worry that another broker has already booked that truck.

Keep reading to find out how Trucker Tools digital freight matching builds in network and out of network carrier loyalty for brokers and 3PLs like you.

Foster Carrier Loyalty, Access Out-of-Network Capacity via the All-in-One Trucker Tools Mobile App

The Trucker Tools mobile app is a powerhouse because it does so many things for you — and for carriers. Carriers want to work with brokers and 3PLs who make their jobs easier and who are easy to do business with. The usefulness and convenience of the Trucker Tools mobile app, the driver component of our digital freight matching platform, can motivate your current carriers to stay in your network. Trucker Tools’ digital freight matching lets you tap into the 1.4 million truckers who are already using Trucker Tools’ mobile app when you need out of network capacity. The mobile app helps carriers and drivers operate more efficiently and puts everything they need, including communicating with you, in one place. 

The Trucker Tools mobile app offers drivers instant access to the real-time information that they need to run a smooth and efficient business. With the mobile app, drivers can quickly find nearby public parking, weigh scales, rest areas, truck stops, grocery stores, restaurants, showers, legal representation, repair shops, truck/trailer dealers, truck washes, hospitals and much more. They also can use the app to find and book your loads, track loads, calculate their axle weights, and find and pay for overnight parking.

Manage Carrier Relationships, Increase Carrier Utilization, Reduce New Carrier Onboarding

What makes Trucker Tools different from other options on the market is that Trucker Tools’ digital freight matching platform puts carrier relationship management, capacity searches and booking all in one digital place for your team. With this information all in one place, it’s much easier to see which carriers have hauled loads for you previously. With Trucker Tools’ digital freight matching platform, you can increase carrier utilization by searching for capacity within a customized list of already-onboarded carriers in a matter of seconds. Booking loads with carriers you’ve previously used is good for your long-term strategy because it helps you move away from one-time, transactional relationships with carriers to deeper, ongoing relationships with them.

If you’re like most brokers and 3PLs, though, you may be onboarding new carriers constantly throughout the month. But the truth is that onboarding a new carrier every time that you need capacity costs you as a broker or 3PL. Why? Because it takes time and staffing to onboard new carriers, which ultimately increases your cost per load. It’s much more efficient and cost-effective to book loads with carriers that you’ve already onboarded. Using Trucker Tools’ digital freight matching makes it simple for you to identify available capacity with already-onboarded carriers. You also can quickly search for and book backhauls with carriers in a single conversation with Trucker Tools’ digital freight matching. 

Accurate, Real-Time Data You Can Trust

Trucker Tools’ digital freight matching is a real-time technology that provides you with the most up to date capacity information. The platform collects and shows you truck availability data in real-time based on the actual movement of trucks. The capacity data you see in the platform is generated by the 1.4 million drivers using the Trucker Tools mobile app and the 165,000 carriers who use Trucker Tools’ carrier software platform. When you see that capacity is available with a certain carrier in the Trucker Tools platform, you don’t have to wonder if it’s truly available. 

When you use load boards and Excel spreadsheets to identify and manage your capacity searches, you’re using technology that isn’t real-time. Both load boards and Excel spreadsheets require human beings to update the load board or spreadsheet once capacity is taken or a load is booked. It’s a manual process, however, so there’s a time delay, which means you may be looking at capacity that is already taken when you use load boards and spreadsheets. With Trucker Tools’ digital freight matching, the possibility of human error is greatly reduced, as well, because the capacity data you see isn’t based on someone manually entering data. Instead, it’s based on real-time GPS data from those drivers and carriers using the Trucker Tools mobile app and data from the Trucker Tools software platform used by carriers. 

For more on how to build carrier loyalty, read Why Logistics Remains a “People Business” — and How Technology Can Foster Relationship-Building. Schedule a free demo of Trucker Tools’ digital freight matching, real-time load tracking and Book It Now®. 

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