March 18, 2021 | TruckerTools

Unlock Potential Profit, Increase Carrier Utilization with Trucker Tools’ Digital Freight Matching

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Digital freight matching is changing how the freight brokerage and logistics industries do business. Digital freight matching technology finds the best truck matches for your uncovered loads in a matter of seconds, eliminating the need to use load boards or call/email carriers to inquire about capacity. With digital freight matching, you can instantly see what capacity is available, cover loads in seconds and move onto the next task. If you work in a freight brokerage on commission, that means you can move more loads and potentially boost your earnings. Using digital freight matching also makes it easier for you reuse carriers and avoid what can be a lengthy onboarding process for each new driver and carrier.

How Digital Freight Matching Works

Trucker Tools’ digital freight matching platform uses powerful algorithms and machine learning to find the best truck for your load from your customized list of preferred drivers and carriers. The value of only seeing trucks from your list of preferred carriers is that you’re not wasting time reading and responding to messages from carriers who may be outside your preferred carrier network as you might with load boards. Instead of calling or emailing carriers and waiting for their responses, you can find out what truck capacity is available for your load with a few mouse clicks. Digital freight matching lets you cover loads faster, which ultimately can help you move more freight volume. It also makes it easy for you to quickly find and book reloads with carriers.

Digital freight matching technology benefits your carrier partners as well. With Trucker Tools’ digital freight matching, preferred drivers and carriers can view your available loads in the Trucker Tools driver app and free software platform. They can even submit rate quotes to you digitally through either platform. At the end of the day, digital freight matching saves drivers and carriers time because you’re not calling them to ask them if they can cover a load. 

Find and Secure Capacity Faster To Increase Your Earnings

Digital freight matching is popular right now because it allows you to target who you contact regarding available capacity and that’s a significant time saver. If you’re a carrier rep working on commission and you use digital freight matching, you won’t be wasting time posting to load boards or making phone calls to carriers. Instead, you can quickly cover a load and move onto the next one.

Trucker Tools’ digital freight matching saves you time, which means you can move more loads and if you work on commission, that can increase your earnings. Every additional load that you book helps you earn more money. Let’s say, for example, that you earn a base salary of $40,000/year with a commission of 13 percent of gross margin/net revenue on loads, which is the median entry-level salary for a freight broker.  Let’s also say that your average net revenue on a load is $500. If you are able to move 20 additional loads in a month with the help of Trucker Tools’ digital freight matching, you could potentially increase your monthly earnings by $1,300 without breaking a sweat. 

Reuse Carriers To Increase Efficiency, Build Long Term Relationships 

It’s no secret that onboarding a new driver or carrier every time you need to cover a load can be a time-consuming process that ultimately hurts your bottom line. It’s simple: the more time spent covering a load, the lower your gross margin per load. Instead, consider using Trucker Tools’ digital freight matching technology to increase your carrier utilization and reduce the time you spend onboarding new carriers. With Trucker Tools’ digital freight matching, you can quickly book a load and a backhaul for that load with the carrier in a single communication. You also can restrict your capacity searches to only include specific carriers, which helps you boost utilization further. 

Being able to quickly offer carriers and drivers reloads and providing them with 24 hour/day, seven days/week access to your loads ultimately helps you form positive, long-term relationships with high performing carriers. Upping your carrier utilization ultimately allows you to build a strong network of reliable drivers and carriers, which is crucial to meeting your customers’ needs now and in the future. 

To learn how Ryder is using technology to strengthen its partnerships with shippers and carriers, read How You Can Use Technology To Enhance Customer and Carrier Relationships, Cut Costs and Secure Capacity Faster.

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