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July 2020 Monthly Link Roundup – Carriers

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All of us at Trucker Tools hope you’re enjoying your summer and that you’re getting in a least a little R&R with friends and loved ones during this busy season. 

In case you missed it, we had some fantastic blogs in July featuring interviews with real truckers from all over the country. From Rob Moore’s heavy haul tips and Hazmat basics with Gabrielle Simmons to Tamara Spivey’s advice on making the jump to becoming an owner operator, we have you covered, no matter where you’re at in your career. We also interviewed first-year trucker Sara Buggs to find out what she’s learned in her first year in trucking and why Trucker Tools’ free driver app is her go-to tool when she’s on the road. 

Enjoy our July 2020 Monthly Link Roundup! 

Money-Saving Strategies, Tips for Buying Your First Rig with Owner Op Gabrielle Simmons

In this interview with owner operator Gabrielle Simmons, you’ll hear what advice Gabrielle has for new owner operators. She also offers words of wisdom on what to look for when buying your first truck and why having an emergency maintenance fund is a must, especially for newbie owner ops. As Gabrielle says, life happens — so expect the unexpected.

Three Tips for Making the Jump from Company Driver to Owner Operator — with Tamara Spivey

If you’re a company driver who is considering becoming an owner operator, this article is for you! In this blog, you’ll hear from 20-year industry veteran Tamara Spivey on how to ensure that your transition from company driver to owner operator is a successful one. According to Tamara, one of the biggest changes you have to make when you become an owner operator is to start thinking like a business owner, not just a driver. 

Rob Moore on the Ins and Outs of Heavy Haul Trucking

Every specialty within trucking comes with its own challenges and positives. Trucker Tools recently spoke with owner operator and Redneckanize co-founder Rob Moore about his experience hauling heavy/oversized freight. Learn how heavy haul is different from running other types of freight and the most common mistakes that new heavy haul truckers tend to make. 

Sara Buggs on Lessons Learned, Knowledge Gained in Her First Year as a Trucker

Trucker Tools recently had the pleasure of interviewing first-year trucker Sara Buggs about how she started her trucking career in her 40s and why she’s loving the newly redesigned Trucker Tools’ driver app. In this blog, Sara also shares how her Hazmat endorsement is already helping her in her career and what has surprised her about her first year in the industry.

In Worst of Times, Owner Seizes Opportunities — Hallahan Transport 

In this Overdrive article, owner operator and small fleet owner Rob Hallahan talks about his strategies for overcoming the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic. Rob credits his continued success to being able to stay on top of expenses, attending industry trainings and webinars, and using time-saving tools like Trucker Tools’ free driver app to find loads during the pandemic. Thanks for the shoutout, Rob!

Save Time and Money with DIY Truck Repair Tips from Owner Operator Rob Moore

How would you like to save hundreds or even thousands of dollars on repairs every year? Based on our recent sit-down with owner operator Rob Moore, we share some simple truck repairs that you can do yourself, even if you have no previous experience working on cars/trucks. According to Rob, if you want to learn how to fix your own truck, it’s all about talking to fellow truckers and using online resources to build your knowledge base.

Hazmat Trucking with Owner Operator Gabrielle Simmons

Bulk Hazmat trucker Gabrielle Simmons recently spoke to Trucker Tools about the added risks that come with running Hazmat and the special training required to obtain a Hazmat Endorsement. Gabrielle also discusses how important it is to account for liquid movement if you’re hauling liquid Hazmat and the extra precautions required for Hazmat pre-trip prep, route planning and post-trip.

For more trucker tips, stories and information on how Trucker Tools’ free driver app can help your trucking business, read our June Blog Roundup.

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