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January 15, 2021 | TruckerTools

Montreal, Cheyenne, Ottawa and Chicago Some of the Hottest/Coldest Markets for Truckers

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Knowing where rates and demand will be high and where they’ll be low in the future is valuable information. When you can access this information in advance, you have time to get your truck(s) into hot markets before they heat up and out of cooling markets before they go cold. Trucker Tools’ newly launched Market Index Reports provide truckers and carriers like you with this information for free every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. We use data from our driver and broker software platforms to predict with accuracy where rates will be hot and cold in the next five to seven day period. 

In today’s Market Index Report, demand for flatbed capacity remains high in regions where manufacturing has increased in recent months. Today’s report also shows that the hottest van markets in the coming week will be in Wyoming and Indiana, while reefer demand will remain steady in several regions. 

Snowfall and heavy winds continue to impact travel across the Midwest today. Expect hazardous white-out conditions around Minneapolis-St. Paul, Omaha, Neb., Des Moines, Iowa, and Kansas City, Mo. This slow moving storm will move Northeast tonight, but not before bringing heavy wind gusts to eastern Wyoming, Colorado, Oklahoma, the Dakotas and Kansas. These wind gusts could be as high as 60 mph. Be safe, everyone!

Hottest Markets 

  • Flatbed rates are projected to increase in the next five to seven days for Southwestern Ontario (Canada), Rapid City, S.D., Allentown, Pa., and Dodge City, Kan. 
  • Look for reefer demand to rise in the coming week for Tucson, Ariz., Montreal (Canada), and Decatur, Ala.
  • Cheyenne, Wyo., and Gary, Ind., will be hot markets for dry van this week.
  • Expect demand and rates for power only to surge in the next five to seven days for Jacksonville, Fla.

Cooling Markets

  • Flatbed rates will fall in the next week for Calgary, Alberta (Canada), Corpus Christi, Texas, and Yakima, Wash.
  • Reefer demand in Hartford, Conn., will continue to decrease in the coming week.
  • Expect rates/demand for power only to decrease in the next five to seven days for Wichita, Kan., and Chicago, Ill.
  • The Ottawa, Ontario, van market will be cooling this week, as well.

Trucker Tools’ Market Insights

  • Jacksonville, Fla., makes its first appearance in today’s Trucker Tools Market Index Report as the hottest power only market in the coming week. 
  • Demand for power only in Jacksonville, Fla., currently is double what it was at this time last year
  • Once again, Cheyenne, Wyo., appears on our list of hottest dry van markets in the next week. 
  • Bars and restaurants were scheduled to reopen in Wyoming this week, which may be driving demand for van capacity in the region 

FreightWaves SONAR Insights

Trucker Tools is partnering with FreightWaves to give you more insights into the hottest and coldest markets for drivers and carriers. Earlier today FreightWaves Daily Market Update reported that capacity is tightening in Houston, Chattanooga, Tenn., Harrisburg, Pa., Allentown, Pa., and Lakeland, Fla. Outbound freight volumes are up for Detroit, Columbus, Ohio, Joliet, Ill., Stockton, Calif., and Dallas. FreightWaves SONAR’s Daily Outlook also reveals that Ontario, Atlanta, Los Angeles, Harrisburg, Columbus, Joliet and Dallas are the some of the markets with the largest mid-haul freight volumes.

SONAR: Hottest Lanes for Truckers

The outbound tender rejection rate, which measures demand and rate changes, is at its lowest point since June for Los Angeles to Atlanta. This is occurring despite a record 30+ container ships waiting to dock at the Ports of Los Angeles and nearby Long Beach. Given the large volumes coming into greater Los Angeles, it’s recommended that you consider taking local loads in the L.A. area instead of accepting loads to Atlanta. Rates are spiking for loads coming out of Hutchison, which is part of why the Hutchison to Joliet lane is a favorable one for drivers and carriers. Today’s FreightWaves SONAR Daily Watch advises that you cover this lane on the spot market to maximize your profit margins. 

The Trucker Tools Market Index Report is published on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. For information on some of the other lanes that are projected to be hot and cold in the coming week, read Where Rates and Demand Will Rise in the Next Week: Lexington, St. Louis, Cheyenne and Chicago.

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