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January 17, 2021 | TruckerTools

Must-Read Blogs for Truckers: December 2020

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It’s hard to believe it, but that’s another year in the books! In the last month of 2020, Trucker Tools’ blogs tackled some big topics to help you succeed in the new year. We interviewed driver Kim Loescher about how she maintains her health on the road and spoke with trucker Roni Bender for our top tips for new truckers blog. Mark Manera of Trucker Fitness talked to us about the health and fitness coaching he provides to truckers. We also introduced a new, free tool that can help you maximize your profit margins, Trucker Tools’ Market Index Reports. Our Market Index Reports tell you where demand and rates will be on the rise and where they’ll be cooling off in the next week.

Without further ado, here it is — your December 2020 monthly link roundup! 

Five Healthy Eating Tips for Truckers

You already know that staying fit and eating healthy when you’re running freight can be difficult. When arriving on time is part of your job like it is when you’re a trucker, you don’t have much flexibility in your schedule to cook, grocery shopping or exercise. Trucker Tools recently spoke with trucker health and fitness coach Mark Manera. During our convo with Mark, he shared some healthy eating tips for truckers, which we share in this blog.

Stay Ahead of Your Competitors with Trucker Tools’ New Market Report

In December, we introduced Trucker Tools’ new Market Index Reports, which tell you where rates and demand will be highest in the coming week. Trucker Tools’ Market Index is based on real-world transaction data from Trucker Tools’ broker software platforms and free driver app. With Trucker Tools’ Market Index Reports, you know ahead of time where to run loads for the highest profit margins and which markets to avoid. If you’re looking for an edge over the competition, make sure you read this blog.

Mark Manera of Trucker Fitness: Helping Truckers Get Fit, Healthy on the Road

Mark Manera starting his company Trucker Fitness to help truckers like you find ways to incorporate healthy eating and exercise into your daily routines. Mark creates workouts for truckers that require no equipment and that can be completed in 30 minutes. According to Mark, the best approach when it comes to leading a healthier lifestyle (especially for truckers) is to start small. Mark recommends making a few small changes to start, such as giving up soda or drinking more water, and building on that progress as you go. 

Three Easy Tips to Reduce Your Risk During Peak Shipping Season

Peak shipping season is the time when many of you move a large volume of freight and record your highest profits of the year. In this blog, we offer three tips for helping you make the most of the busy season without sacrificing your health or profits. Even though peak shipping is technically over, the tips in this blog are ones that you can use throughout the entire year. 

Three Health Tips for Truckers

Trucker Tools recently interviewed Kim Loescher, a driver for Classic Carriers out of Ohio. Kim is a breast cancer survivor and staying healthy is important to her. During our interview, Kim was nice enough to share some tips with us on how she maintains her health and fitness when she’s working. If you’re looking for real-world health and fitness advice from a fellow trucker, this blog is for you!

Three Tips for New Truckers from Roni Bender

Following a career in customer service, Nashville native Roni Bender became a trucker a few years ago. She currently is a driver with Schneider and loves her job. Trucker Tools spoke with Roni to learn more about why she got into trucking and about her mentorship of new drivers. During our interview, Roni shared some tips for those who are just starting out in the trucking industry, which we share in this blog. 

For more interviews, tips, announcements and updates, read The Best of the Best: Trucker Tools’ November 2020 Blogs for Carriers and Drivers.

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