November 19, 2020 | TruckerTools

Save Time, Find Loads Quickly with Trucker Tools’ Broker Advantage

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Wouldn’t you like to be able to see a broker’s loads, scan and send documents, learn about discounts and receive updates from that broker all in one place? That’s what Trucker Tools’ new Broker Advantage offers you. With Broker Advantage, brokers and 3PLs have a home page within the Trucker Tools’ free driver app where you can quickly get the information that you need, when you need it. In the midst of this very busy season, every minute that you’re not driving and making money is an opportunity lost. Read on to learn how Broker Advantage can reduce your downtime and keeping you rolling and making money.

Communicate with Brokers in One Place: The Trucker Tools Driver App

Broker Advantage reduces the time that you spend looking for information and communicating with brokers. When they set up a Broker Advantage home page within Trucker Tools’ driver app, brokers and 3PLs are creating an information hub for you, a one-stop shop that allows you to quickly check things off your to-do list. Brokers and 3PLs can customize what buttons and information they post on their home page in the driver app, so you will notice that each home page looks a little different and includes different links and buttons.

Find, Book Loads and Backhauls Quickly

You already can search for loads and reloads in Trucker Tools’ driver app by tapping on the Loads button on the home screen. What Broker Advantage does is put the broker’s information in one, easy to access place. This is especially helpful if you want to establish relationships with certain brokers and do repeat business with them. If you are looking for a load out of Miami with a particular broker and also want to find a backhaul with that same broker, you can do it all on the broker’s Broker Advantage home page. Once you find a load with that broker that you like, you also may have the option to book the load immediately right in Trucker Tools’ driver app.

Upload BOL, POD and Other Documents

Brokers and 3PLs in our Broker Advantage program may provide you with a quick link on their home page so that you can take a photo of and upload BOL, POD and other documents. This is invaluable. Normally, you can only upload these documents and send them digitally to a broker through the driver app if you’re tracking the load with the Trucker Tools driver app. When a broker posts a doc upload link to their Broker Advantage home page, you can scan and send documents to them any time — and it only takes a few seconds. 

Discounts, Bonus Programs and Updates

One of the reasons we launched Broker Advantage is that we heard from brokers and 3PLs that they wanted a centralized, easy way to share discounts with truckers and trucking companies. With Broker Advantage, brokers and 3PLs can share discounts on fuel, tires and other equipment with you on their home page in the Trucker Tools driver app. Instead of scrolling through your email to find out about these offers, you can quickly view them right in the Trucker Tools driver app. Some brokers and 3PLs also may use Broker Advantage to share details on incentive programs, bonuses, company updates and other special offers that can save you money. 

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