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Keep Your Truck Fully Loaded with Trucker Tools’ Digital Freight Matching

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As a trucker, your goal is to keep your truck fully loaded all the time. You never want your truck to be idle. You want to move more loads and do it quickly. But if you’re an owner operator or a fleet owner using load boards to find loads, you’re missing out on an opportunity to increase your revenue and grow your business. 

Instead of chasing phantom loads on load boards, why not save time and make more money with Trucker Tools’ digital freight matching? With our digital freight matching, you can search for specific types of loads in specific lanes and with specific brokers on your smart phone. You can even see reloads for that lane before you commit to the load. Read on to learn more about how Trucker Tools eliminates the noise that you encounter on load boards and helps you keep those wheels turning. 

The Noise of Load Boards and Why They’re Costing You More Than You Think

If you’re a small carrier who uses load boards, you may see 2,000 available loads when you search for loads in your preferred lane. But is having a lot of loads in one particular lane actually good for you? The answer is no. Though load boards may draw you in with promises of more opportunities for high-paying loads, the reality is that when you have more loads in one lane, the rate is going to be low. It’s also important to know that the freight that you see posted on your favorite load board isn’t just posted on that one load board. It’s likely that the broker is posting the load on multiple load boards and the shipper may have given the load to multiple brokers, which increases the competition for the load even more.

Another problem with load boards is that the highest paying loads are gone within a few minutes of being posted. By the time you pick up the phone and call the broker, the load is gone. The other loads that the broker may offer you instead might be at a much lower rate. Another common scenario is that you turn down a load and then, after making a few calls, realize that the first broker’s offer that you turned down was the best. You call the first broker back and the load is gone. You can’t get back the time that you just wasted, which could be two or three hours. 

Eliminate the Noise and Keep Your Truck Moving with Trucker Tool’s Digital Freight Matching

As a carrier, you can eliminate the noise of load boards. Instead, search for freight in real-time right from your smart phone with Trucker Tools’ driver app. With a few taps on your phone, you can search for loads by lane, broker name, weight, type of load, date and the number of reload opportunities for your return trip. (Note: you must request permission from brokers/3PLs to see their loads in Trucker Tools’ driver app. Trucker Tools does not set broker rates and does not charge any per load transaction fees.) The load information you see in the Trucker Tools driver app is live information that comes directly from the transportation management systems used by brokers. When a load is booked in a broker’s TMS, that load is immediately removed from the Trucker Tools driver app and is no longer available. 

With Trucker Tools’ digital freight matching, we show you the best loads at the top of your load search results. You don’t have to waste valuable time hunting through pages and pages of loads like you do on load boards. With Trucker Tools, you can search for and find the best loads in a matter of seconds. For each load that you view in the Trucker Tools driver app, you also can see reload opportunities in the market that you would be driving into. That’s a huge advantage. Being able to see reload opportunities helps you understand what you’ll make on the load or what the load might cost you. 

Increase Profit Margins, Book Loads Faster with Book It Now®

Trucker Tools digital freight matching makes your process for finding loads more efficient. That can help increase the number of loads you move each month, which means more money in your pocket. When you spend less time on finding loads, you have more drive time and can haul more freight. Our fast digital freight matching is a free tool that you can use as you see fit. You can find some loads by calling brokers and find some on Trucker Tools’ driver app. That’s your call.

Some of the loads in Trucker Tools’ driver app are Book It Now® loads. Book It Now®  loads can be booked immediately in the Trucker Tools driver app. With Trucker Tools’ Book It Now, you don’t have to pick up the phone to call the broker to book the load. You can do it immediately with Trucker Tools’ driver app. Once you book the load in the driver app, you’ll receive an email confirming the load booking and the load details. That’s it. You’re done. You also have the option to send a quote to the broker through the app or call the broker, if you prefer.

There are 17 other tools and features in Trucker Tools’ driver app that you can help you turn up the dial on your efficiency even more. For more on Trucker Tools’ free driver app, read The New Version of Trucker Tools’ Driver App: Easy Load Searches, 17 Tools and Features To Get You Through These Challenging Times.

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