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September 2020 Monthly Link Roundup — Carriers

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There’s certainly never a dull moment in the trucking industry. If you’re like most owner operators and trucking companies, you’re adjusting to the new normal of 2020 and riding the current wave of demand for truck capacity. That means you’re busier than ever. 

With that in mind, we’ve put together a summary of our September 2020 blogs to get you all caught up on the latest tips, interviews and updates from Trucker Tools. In September, we talked with truckers from across the industry to get tips on how to eat healthy on the road and on running reefer. Also included in this monthly link roundup: the power of digital freight matching, how to make your trucking business green and Trucker Tools’ free driver app hits the 1 million downloads mark. Enjoy!

How To Find Loads Without Load Boards

If you think load boards are the only way to find loads, think again. Real-time digital freight matching is faster and more efficient than using load boards. Thanks to recent advances in technology, you can find (and book) loads in real-time with your favorite brokers in a matter of minutes. If you’re looking to run your trucking business more efficiently and capitalize on the current truck capacity crunch, make sure to give this blog a read.

Go Green: Reduce Waste, Overhead with Trucker Tools’ Digital Solutions

One of the easiest ways to make your trucking business more environmentally friendly is to digitize your operations. Whether you’re the owner of a small fleet or an owner operator, going digital helps you reduce paper waste and raise your overall operational efficiency. With Trucker Tools’ digital solutions, you can find the cheapest and closest fuel, reduce manual phone calls and scan BOL/POD documents — all of which help you boost sustainability and productivity. 

7 Secrets to Success for Running Reefer

With the reefer market currently booming, you may be thinking about starting to haul refrigerated freight. Trucker Tools recently interviewed trucker Travis Griffin to learn more about his background and journey in trucking, including his experiences driving a refrigerated truck. In this blog, read Travis’ seven tips on how to be successful running reefer, including how to develop positive relationships with customers.  

Meal Planning Tips for Life on the Road

If you’ve been in trucking for any length of time, you already know that staying healthy and saving money on the road can both be challenging. When every minute counts like it does in trucking, it can be easy to put healthy eating, in particular, on the back burner. In this blog, truckers Sara Buggs, Gerald Johnson, Jacinda Duran and Travis Griffin share their tips for eating healthy on the road and saving money. Bonus: Travis shares his easy-to-prepare ribs recipe.

How To Start a Trucking Business

There are a lot of decisions to be made and questions to be answered when you first get your CDL and strike out on your own as an operator. Do you buy or lease a truck? What technology do you use in your operations? Drawing on interviews with truckers from the last year, we offer best practices for starting your trucking business after trucking school. From how to get your MC number to preparing for emergency expenses, every decision you make in the early days of your trucking business matters. 

Eliminate the Noise of Load Boards with Trucker Tools’ Digital Freight Matching and Book-It-Now®

If you’re a regular user of load boards, you know that they are less than ideal for finding quality freight. Load boards often are a losing proposition because they aren’t real-time. By the time you contact a broker about a load you see on a load board, it may already be gone. With Trucker Tools’ digital load matching and in-app load booking, you can say goodbye to the inefficiency of load boards and move more freight with your favorite brokers.

Trucker Tools Mobile Driver App Surpasses 1 Million Downloads

Thanks to your support, the number of downloads of Trucker Tools’ free driver app recently surpassed 1 million! The 17+ tools and features included in our free driver app save truckers time and money, which is why so many have downloaded our app. Trucker Tools’ free driver app puts real-time information on loads, fuel prices, truck stops, rest areas, parking and more at your fingertips — all while reducing phone calls from brokers. 

National Truck Driver Appreciation Week: Discounts, Deals, Contests, Swag and Prizes

In our National Truck Driver Appreciation Week blog, we celebrate the work that you do day-in and day-out as a trucker on the road. This blog highlights some of the discounts and deals offered in celebration of NTDAW, including Trucker Tools’ weekly $50 gift card giveaway, which is running every week through the end of 2020! Check out this blog to learn more about the 38th annual Shell Rotella SuperRigs virtual truck beauty contest, as well. 

Looking for more trucker interviews, moving-saving tips and major announcements? Read our August Monthly Link Roundup — Carriers.

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