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August Monthly Link Roundup — Carriers

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We know you’re out there working hard on the road and don’t always have time to be at your computer or on your smart phone to read the latest Trucker Tools’ blogs. We’ve put together this summary of our August 2020 blogs to make sure that you don’t miss a thing. 

Our August blogs were packed with great tips and advice, interviews with truckers, and announcements about some of our newest partnerships and driver app features. In this roundup, you’ll hear directly from truckers on how Trucker Tools’ free driver app is making their lives easier on the road. You’ll also learn how Trucker Tools’ digital freight matching and Book-It-Now® can help you maximize your revenue and increase your drive time while volumes are up. Tips on running produce and an interview with one of the co-hosts of the Trucking for Millennials podcast are included, as well. Enjoy!

10 Reasons To Start Using Trucker Tools’ Digital Load Matching Today

Trucker Tools’ digital freight matching matches your truck(s) with open loads from your fav brokers. In this blog, learn how Trucker Tools’ easy-to-use digital load matching can save you time by eliminating phone calls and simplifying rate negotiations with brokers. With Trucker Tools’ digital load matching, you can search for (and book) loads 24 hours/day, seven days/week with your smart phone. Score!

Five Ways Trucker Tools’ Driver App Saves Time and Money — with Trucker Travis Griffin

In our recent interview with owner operator Travis Griffin, he shared why he uses the Trucker Tools driver app both on and off the road. For Travis, it’s all about convenience. Our driver app has everything he needs when he’s on the road, from trip planning and fuel prices to info on truck stops and available loads. Find out why Trucker Tools’ free driver app is used by Travis and nearly one million other truckers!

The Benefits of Using Book-It-Now®

Book-It-Now®, Trucker Tools’ free digital load booking tool, makes booking loads with your favorite brokers a pain-free process. With Book-It-Now®, you can book loads any time of day or night. All you need is an internet connection, a smart phone and Trucker Tools’ free driver app. One-click load booking with Book-It-Now® helps you minimize your down time and that means more time for driving and making money.

How Trucker Sara Buggs Went from Juggling Multiple Apps to Using Trucker Tools’ All-in-One Driver App To Simplify Her Life on the Road

In her first year in trucking, Sara Buggs quickly discovered that she needed an easy way to find accurate information on weigh scales, fuel prices and routing, and nearby amenities. After trying several other apps and struggling to find the information she needed, Sara turned to Trucker Tools’ free driver app. Read this blog to find out why Trucker Tools’ free driver app has become such a valuable resource for Sara on the road. 

Why Kingsgate Logistics Uses Trucker Tools’ Free Driver App

We recently spoke to members of Kingsgate Logistics’ carrier support team to find out what makes Trucker Tools’ driver app such a popular tool with the Kingsgate’s team and truckers. From reducing check calls to helping Kingsgate drivers get paid faster, Trucker Tools’ free driver app delivers on its promise of speeding up communications and providing transparency to truckers. 

I Need a Load Board — What Should I Use?

In this blog, we explore why load boards aren’t actually the best or most efficient way for you to find loads. A smart alternative to load boards is digital freight matching, which helps you find loads with your favorite brokers and 3PLs quickly. Trucker Tools’ digital freight matching won’t cost you a thing. It’s one of the 17+ highly sought-after tools and features included for free in our driver app.

Three Tips for Running Produce – with Tamara Spivey

Running produce comes with its own set of responsibilities and duties, which is why Trucker Tools recently spoke with veteran trucker Tamara Spivey to get her tips for being a successful reefer driver. Needless to say, it’s all about maintaining the proper temperatures and keeping fuel levels as high as possible. Read Tamara’s tips and tricks for hauling produce/refrigerated freight.

Four Reasons To Ditch Load Boards, Use Trucker Tools’ Free Driver App Instead

The best way to capitalize on the current demand for trucks is to run your trucking business more efficiently. Trucker Tools’ digital freight matching and Book-It-Now®, available for free in Trucker Tools’ free driver app, do exactly that. Both tools help you find and book quality loads and reloads quickly. Are you ready to maximize your revenue? If so, check out this blog to learn how.

Aaron Dunn on Trucking for Millennials, Preparing for the CBT Exam and the Great Rate Debate

Trucker Tools recently spoke to Aaron Dunn, co-host of PDQ America’s Trucking for Millennials podcast, to learn more about the podcast and what it offers the industry. According to Aaron, the podcast is encouraging valuable conversations between veteran and Millennial truckers, brokers, 3PLs, freight agents, executives and others in the trucking industry. In this interview, you’ll also hear about some of the podcast’s recent guests and the challenges that Millennial truckers face.

Trucker Tools’ ELD Implementation – We Give You Options

At Trucker Tools, we understand that the needs of each trucker/carrier are different. That’s why we offer ELD integration to trucking companies that want to track loads via Trucker Tools, but who are unable to use the Trucker Tools driver app. Enabling ELD integration with Trucker Tools is a quick and painless process that can take as little as one to three days for our support team to complete. 

OTR Capital’s Partnership with Trucker Tools: Helping Truckers Thrive in Challenging Times

In this interview with Grace Maher, OTR Capital’s VP and Director of Operations, you’ll learn why OTR Capital chose to partner with Trucker Tools and about the services that OTR Capital has to offer you and your trucking business. You’ll also hear about OTR Capital’s history as a company and why you might want to consider outsourcing your back office duties to the team at OTR Capital. 

For more valuable tips, interviews, announcements and updates, check out Trucker Tools’ July 2020 Monthly Link Roundup – Carriers

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