September 22, 2020 | TruckerTools

Go Green: Reduce Waste, Overhead with Trucker Tools’ Digital Solutions

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If you want to reduce the carbon footprint of your trucking business, consider going digital with the help of Trucker Tools. Digitizing operations in your trucking business can be easy when you use free tools like Trucker Tools’ free driver app (or free carrier platform). With Trucker Tools’ driver app and free carrier platform, you have free access to digital tools that can eliminate your use of paper, help you conserve resources and run your business more efficiently — without increasing your overhead.

Optimize Your Routes, Find the Cheapest Fuel Along Your Route

One of the most popular tools in Trucker Tools’ free driver app is our routing and fuel optimizer feature. With the routing and fuel optimizer, simply enter your starting and end locations as well as the date you’ll be traveling. The driver app will show you the fastest route to your destination, including the cheapest fuel stops along your route. Trucker Tools’ routing and fuel optimizer ensures your route is as efficient as possible and that you’re not going miles off your route to get fuel that you may be able to find cheaper nearby. 

Upload Documents, Eliminate Paper Waste with Trucker Tools

According to the Resource Conservation Alliance, a whopping 40 percent of the trees harvested in the world are used to make paper. Gartner Research found that businesses that work with paper spend 50 percent of their time looking for information. That’s why digitizing your paper processes as much as possible makes sense for the environment and for your business.  When you track a broker load using the load tracking tool in the Trucker Tools driver app, you can immediately scan and upload BOL, POD and other documents directly through the app. No need to make photocopies or to drop off the paperwork at the broker’s office. The broker will receive the digital version of your paperwork immediately when you send it through Trucker Tools’ driver app, which also means you get paid faster than you would with paper documents. 

Reduce Manual Processes, Energy Usage

You can reduce your carbon footprint further by reducing manual activities in your owner operator or carrier business. Manual tasks such as placing phone calls, sending emails or using load boards take time. The more time you spend on these tasks, the more energy you use. Using tools like Trucker Tools’ digital load matching and load tracking tools, available for free in our driver app, reduce the time that you spend on manual tasks, which means less energy used. 

Worried about the amount of energy used to power your smart phone? According to Forbes, an iPhone or Android smart phone only requires 1 kWh of power in a year, which is the same amount of electricity needed to power ten 100-watt lightbulbs for an hour. That also means that charging your smart phone costs you less than $1/year, which makes using a smart phone in your trucking business a great option if you’re concerned about the environment, efficiency and keeping your expenses low.  

Are you sick of the inefficiency of load boards? Read Eliminate the Noise of Load Boards with Trucker Tools’ Digital Freight Matching and Book-It-Now® to find out how Trucker Tools can help you maximize your drivetime. To download Trucker Tools’ free driver app, visit

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