August 20, 2020 | TruckerTools

10 Reasons To Start Using Trucker Tools’ Digital Load Matching Today

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As we head into the end of the summer and get ready for back-to-school and the holidays, things are looking up in the world of trucking. Rates generally are rising and so is demand and that’s great news after a difficult start to 2020. If you’re looking to make the most of this uptick in demand and capitalize on the urgent need for trucks, look no further than Trucker Tools’ digital load matching

1. Trucker Tools’ Digital Load Matching Saves You Time

All you need to use our digital freight matching is Trucker Tools’ free driver app and a smart phone. You can search for loads by lane, dates, type of freight, weight or broker name in seconds without every making a phone call, sending an email or logging onto a load board. (Note: you must request permission from brokers/3PLs to see their open loads in Trucker Tools’ driver app.)

2. No Phantom Loads

Trucker Tools’ digital freight matching is real-time. That means you’re never looking at loads that have already been taken by another trucker. Load information is automatically imported from the transportation management systems used by brokers. 

“With Trucker Tools, once a load is taken, you can’t see it in the driver app,” owner operator Travis Griffin says. “That’s one of the great things about it.”

3. Trucker Tools Doesn’t Take a Cut

The rates you see listed for loads in our digital load matching marketplace are the rates set by the brokers, themselves. Trucker Tools doesn’t skim money off the top. Some load matching websites charge you a per transaction fee if you find and ultimately book one of their loads. Not Trucker Tools.

4. Our Digital Load Matching Is Free

Trucker Tools’ driver app is free. The 17+ features and tools included in the Trucker Tools driver app also are all free, including digital freight matching. Our driver app is designed to save you time and money, so it doesn’t make sense to charge you a fee to use it. With load boards and other load finding tools, you may have to pay a monthly subscription fee.

5. Easy To Use

You don’t need an engineering degree and you don’t have to be a technical genius to use Trucker Tools’ digital load matching tool. Our digital load matching is designed to be easy and fast to use. We’ve made it as easy as possible for you to quickly find loads with your favorite brokers. When you search for loads in Trucker Tools’ driver app, we show you the best matches at the top so that you can get back to driving.

6. See Backhaul Opportunities Before You Commit to a Load

Knowing if there’s a good-paying reload in the area you’re driving into can help you decide if you want that load. That’s why for each load you see listed in Trucker Tools’ digital load matching marketplace, you also can see potential reload opportunities. This helps you maximize your profits and saves you time.

As owner operator Travis Griffin points out, “After you search for one load, it gives you backhaul options,” Griffin says. “You don’t have to go back and do another search. I love that feature.”

After you search for one load, it gives you backhaul options,” Griffin says. “You don’t have to go back and do another search. I love that feature.

7. Find Loads 24/7 with Trucker Tools

With Trucker Tools’ digital freight matching, you can search for loads on your schedule. You don’t have to wait for a broker’s office to open up or wait until Monday to call a broker. You have the flexibility to search for loads and submit rate quotes on the loads you like at any time of day or night, on any day of the week.

8. Submit Quotes Through Trucker Tools’ Driver App

Once you find a load you like with our digital load matching tool, you can submit a rate quote to the broker with a few taps on your smart phone. You don’t have to send the broker an email or call the broker’s office. Instead, negotiate the rate directly through Trucker Tools’ driver app in seconds.

9. Another Option: Call the Broker To Negotiate the Price

We understand that if you’ve been in trucking for a while, you may be more comfortable negotiating the rate on a load by phone and that’s no problem. You always have the option to call the broker to negotiate the rate on a load. It’s your call. Each load listed in the Trucker Tools’ driver app includes the phone number of the broker. 

10. Book Loads in Advance

Most freight marketplaces (like load boards) can only show you the loads that are available right now. With Trucker Tools’ digital load matching, you can search for and book future broker loads. This gives you the power to plan ahead. Simply change the date in your load search preferences to look at future load availability.

Looking for money-saving tips? Check out Save Time and Money with DIY Truck Repair Tips from Owner Operator Rob Moore. To download Trucker Tools’ free driver app, including digital load matching, visit

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