August 6, 2020 | TruckerTools

Why Kingsgate Logistics Uses Trucker Tools’ Free Driver App

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In trucking, it’s no secret that time is our most valuable resource. If you shave a few minutes off the time it takes you to do something, that time eventually adds up and you’ve got more drive time. More drive time means more time for making money. That’s why Kingsgate Logistics has teamed up with Trucker Tools. The Trucker Tools free driver app helps you spend less time on the phone and on emails, and less time flipping between multiple apps. Trucker Tools simplifies your life on the road and gives you everything you need in a single app that’s made for truckers.

Fewer Check Calls and Interruptions

When you use the load tracking tool in Trucker Tools’ driver app, you have fewer interruptions. Instead of trading phone calls with Kingsgate Logistics or your carrier dispatcher, you can let the Trucker Tools driver app do the work.

“With Trucker Tools’ driver app, carriers don’t have to answer check calls from us for updates,” says an account manager for Kingsgate Logistics. “It makes life easier for us because we don’t have to depend on verbal or email updates to get a location on a shipper’s load.”

Trucker Tools’ load tracking uses the GPS tech in your smart phone to provide Kingsgate Logistics with freight location updates when you’re on an active load — no phone calls required. Fewer interruptions means you can concentrate on what you do best: driving and making money.

If you have doubts about using app-based load tracking, consider this: Trucker Tools’ load tracking is transparent. That means you always know when and if load tracking is on and who is receiving your information. No surprises.

Get Paid Faster with Doc Uploads

“One of the advantages that Trucker Tools’ driver app offers is that truckers can upload documents directly for processing right through the driver app,” says the Kingsgate Logistics account manager.

When you finish a load with Kingsgate Logistics, you can instantly scan your BOL/POD documents and send them to Kingsgate right through the Trucker Tools driver app. Submitting your BOL and POD paperwork as soon as possible speeds up the payments that you receive, which is always a win. The BOL and POD document scans that you upload also are timestamped to eliminate any confusion.

17+ Tools and Features That Save Money and Time

What sets the Trucker Tools driver app apart from other driver apps is that it includes 17+ time and money-saving features for truckers.

“The tools within the Trucker Tools driver app help carriers find parking, the cheapest fuel prices on the route, service centers and more,” says a Kingsgate Logistics carrier sales representative.

With the Trucker Tools driver app, you also can quickly find up-to-date info on weigh scales, truck stops, rest areas, open loads, routing, nearby medical facilities and DOT office locations. Instead of flipping between five or six different apps during your day, save time and money by just using one: Trucker Tools’ free driver app.

Build Trust and Confidence with Kingsgate Logistics, Shippers

Like most businesses, the transportation business is built on relationships. Generally, the stronger your relationships are, the better your business does. Trucker Tools’ driver app helps strengthen your relationships with Kingsgate Logistics and with Kingsgate Logistics’ shippers.

“With Trucker Tools’ real time visibility, we can communicate location updates to our shipper customers more efficiently,” the Kingsgate Logistics carrier sales representative said. “I like the fact that we can give a customer solid information on the location and ETA of the truck.”

Features such as the Trucker Tools’ driver app’s real-time load tracking make it easier for Kingsgate Logistics to share accurate shipment updates with shippers. When Kingsgate can give shipper customers reliable, accurate information on the locations of shipments and truck ETAs, it builds confidence and trust between all of us.  

Are you looking for more ways to maximize your profits? If so, check out “Are Load Boards Worth It?” to learn more about saving time on booking loads. To download the Trucker Tools driver app for free, visit

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