December 15, 2022 | TruckerTools

Supply Chain Uncertainty Presents Opportunity for Brokers

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supply chain uncertainty

It’s been a volatile few years in supply chain and logistics. Unpredictable consumer demand, the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, staff shortages and inflation all have made the usual ups and downs in freight markets more pronounced. As you look ahead to 2023, keep in mind that supply chain uncertainty can present opportunities. When operating in a down or unpredictable market, you want to leverage technology to differentiate yourself from your competitors and grow your business. Real-time tracking, capacity sourcing and load booking technology make your team as productive as possible, while providing benefits to shippers and carriers.

1. Real-Time Digital Visibility as Competitive Advantage in RFP Process

As freight broker consultant Chris Jolly noted in a recent interview, service delays are no longer being overlooked by most shippers. Accurate ETAs and continuous, real-time digital visibility of freight are must-haves. Instead of using check calls to track shipments, opt for a real-time load tracking software that reduces the time your team spends manually tracking loads. Trucker Tools’ real-time visibility platform provides you with location updates every five minutes and many brokers on our platform achieve tracking success rates above 90 percent. Being able to provide real-time digital visibility of freight can be your differentiator going into what promises to be a competitive R.F.P. season.

Being able to provide real-time digital visibility of freight can be your differentiator going into what promises to be a competitive R.F.P. season.

2. Use Efficiency-Boosting Technology To Maximize Margins 

Instead of nickel and diming your carriers over rates, consider using technology that helps your team win more business and source capacity faster all while reducing costs and improving service. Real-time load tracking, matching and booking technology reduces repetitive manual tasks for your team, streamlines workflows and lets you concentrate your human resources on relationship building — the part of freight brokerage that matters the most to the long-term health of your company. When your team can source capacity faster, access real-time load tracking data and negotiate rates digitally, they can move more freight and that increases your revenue. 

3. Concentrate on Carrier Experience To Strengthen Capacity Network

The strength and size of your carrier network also can differentiate you from your competitors. Even though trucking freight rates have declined in recent months and it’s become more of a so-called broker’s market, carrier and driver relationships are still paramount to your success. Shipper service begins and ends with your carrier network. Having a strong and diverse carrier network makes it possible for you to meet your shippers’ needs — whether it’s needing a last minute load shipped or having a small carrier in your network to handle a load with specific instructions. It’s important then to carefully consider what kind of technology experience your carriers and drivers might have with any software you use in your operations. Is the technology app-based? Is the app easy to use and reliable? Are your drivers already using the app? Be sure to go for technology that has a rock-solid carrier/driver component. 

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