January 27, 2023 | TruckerTools

The Evolution of Cross-Border Freight Tracking

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cross border freight tracking

As the economic climate changes, you may be thinking about expanding your partnerships and operations across borders into Mexico and Canada. One of the trickiest aspects of brokering freight that crosses either border is delivering the real-time tracking data your shippers have come to expect. If you’re considering expanding your footprint into Canada or Mexico, you may be wondering if you can use the same freight tracking tech you use in the United States or even whether you can establish freight brokerage operations in either country. The truth is that it’s becoming more commonplace for U.S. brokers and 3PLs to start and run brokerages in Mexico and Canada in addition to businesses in the United States. Read on to learn more about the evolution of cross-border tracking and the options for cross-border digital freight tracking

Canada and Mexico: Top U.S. Trade Partners

If you’ve got a growth mindset for your company, cross-border business represents one of the most lucrative opportunities for freight brokers/3PLs like you. In 2021, Canada became the United States’ top trade partner with more than $762 billion recorded in two-way trade in goods and services. Canada is the U.S.’s top export market, accounting for nearly 18 percent of all U.S. exports. Also in 2021, the United States’ trade of goods and services with Mexico totaled nearly $726 billion, making Mexico the country’s second largest trading partner. Mexico is the second-largest source for the United States for foreign crude oil and the most popular destination for U.S. petroleum and natural gas exports. 

Challenges of Tracking Freight Across Canadian, Mexican Borders

Nearly 30,000 trucks cross the United States-Canadian border every day and each of those drivers (and the carrier for whom they drive) has a preference for how they like to track loads. Enforcement of Canada’s ELD mandate also just went into effect this month. Any freight tracking solution you consider for use across the Canadian border should include both ELD and app-based options to ensure cross-border tracking compliance. When working with or in Mexico, you may find that not all drivers and carriers have cellular service on their smart phones. Many truckers and fleets use the mobile app WhatsApp instead of traditional text messaging or cell service when it comes to freight tracking. That means you may want to target a tracking technology with a WhatsApp integration.

Cross-Border Freight Tracking Options

Today, solutions such as Trucker Tools’ real-time visibility software platform and its companion driver app can be used for cross-border freight tracking in Mexico and Canada, as our platform is designed to work in both countries. Trucker Tools’ tracking also integrates with nearly 100 of the most popular ELDs used by drivers and carriers, as well, to ensure that you always have an accurate, updated ETA for your shippers — no matter if your shipper or driver/carrier is based in the United States, Mexico or Canada. 

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